25 February 2012

Master Key System in Today’s World

An important concept in the home security system is the master key. The master key is a system where you can access all the doors of your home, office, and schools using a single button. Your doors and entry will be different locks and bolts. Using the master key, you can open and access it without the bouquet of the relevant keys with you. It is as convenient as the Internet Xfinity.

Using the master key is useful because you can avoid the frustration when you need to find the required key. With the master key you can open the locks rather than looking from the keyring that you placed in your purse or bag office. Furthermore it offers a lot more security than normal keys, as if you lose the normal keys, you can still gain entry to your home.

Today, there are different types of master keys of different qualities. The use of some master keys, you can open all doors in the house, while others you can open some doors. Different manufacturers make different passes depending on the need and necessity of the user. Basically, it is placed on the need and use of the person who wants it.

The best thing about using the master key is that you can prevent outsiders and thieves to access your home. Most of the master keys are specialized and advanced that it is quite difficult to break the locks of the house using the traditional method of flying. Furthermore, in case someone gets the key to your house, you can still use the master key to prevent theft.

Master keys are very ideal for homes, schools, colleges, businesses and restaurants. As these places are very prone to theft, it could be an added advantage of having a master key for all doors. I remember an incident at school the son of my colleagues, where a child was locked in the class. The child fell asleep in class and I forgot to go home. The world thought the janitor left locked classroom doors and entire as it was the Christmas holidays, the next day.

Parents worrying the child came to school to find the child. The child was suffocating in the classroom and not only that the class was dark which is still afraid of the child. The boy kept screaming and parents immediately called the principal who used the master key to open the door. If he had searched for all keys that were used for each door, the child could have passed out because of fear and anxiety. Even a child could have suffered a stroke due to fear. See how useful was the main key in this situation.

But there are some demerits of this master key. Frankly, using the master key can often make the lock vulnerable to thieves. This is when you use the master key to open the door at all times; get used to the lock key means of controlling the removal of lock. This will make it easy for thieves to open the lock quickly.

Furthermore, it is risky if the owner loses the key. Seriously, the key is the important key and once it is lost, meaning that you make your home vulnerable to strangers. If it goes into the hands of an evil person, imagine how much damage it can do for you, physically and psychologically.

The other drawback of the basic key is that it is expensive compared to normal keys and requires much time to make one. Furthermore, it is difficult to design master keys for large hotels and hospitals as their lock and door systems are numerous and complex.

In short, using a master key is good, but you must make sure that never lose it. But as we are humans, there is a chance we could lose or misplace. Thus, if you are a person who hates to search the bunch of keys that are there, then the master key is a good choice for you.