29 February 2012

Melatonin and Cancer: The Cancer Killing Hormone You Can't Ignore

It is not at all uncommon for people to use melatonin supplements to get a better night's sleep. Many people do not know, though, is that melatonin and cancer have a very hostile relationship. In fact, melatonin is a hormone cancer literal execution. With the increased awareness of cancer today, it makes sense for how melatonin could be your secret weapon against the growth of cancer cells.

Melatonin and cancer: how this hormone Destroys Cancer

Melatonin is actually more powerful in a way when it comes to stop cancer dead in its tracks. First, this powerful hormone works so well in the fight against cancer, because it is very toxic to cancer cells of new. Melatonin is so deadly to cancer cells, in fact, it initiates a process of self-destruction of cancer cells.

But melatonin is not a threat to cancer just because it is poisonous to them, it also slows the process of angiogenesis in cancer cells. Angiogenesis is the creation of new blood vessels in cancer cells. As healthy tissues in the body, cancer cells depend on new blood vessels to support new growth. By zapping the ability of cancer cells to produce new blood vessels, cancer growth is stunted.

Another way that melatonin and cancer do not go together is demonstrated by the potent antioxidant melatonin. As you know, free radicals in the blood contribute to far too many toxins in the human body. And cancer develops when these toxins go unnoticed. Melatonin helps fight against free radicals and reduce inflammation, both of cancer growth, which slowed considerably.

Why it is ignored

When you read the statements about melatonin and cancer above, you probably assumed that the doctors are all over the capture and tell their patients to add melatonin to their regimes against cancer. Well, I wish I could say that this is true, but it is not. Like so many other natural remedies, the medical industry is closing their ears to the facts about melatonin and cancer.

Since the pharmaceutical industry has influenced how doctors treat their patients, these companies billions of dollars have effectively prevented the doctors never recommend melatonin because of its proven ability to slow down and fight cancer cells. Basically, the big pharmaceutical companies would much rather that doctors prescribe their $ 4,000 monthly drug against cancer, instead of telling people they can buy a month's worth of melatonin in the health food store for $ 11.

It is unfortunate that the bottom line of the drug industry has kept people in ignorance of melatonin and cancer facts. It is important to remember that melatonin is actually a very powerful anti-cancer supplement. If you are at all concerned about cancer or cancer treatment to know someone knows, this is information that you will definitely want to take action on. With its natural anti-cancer properties, melatonin may be the natural hormone that helps people at the top hand against cancer once and for all.