29 February 2012

Mental and Emotional Cause of Cancer

How can you live a stress free life and prevent cancer and other health problems? By learning to manage your cortisol levels and stress hormone, with mental stress / emotional in your life into perspective. Once you know how to balance the physical factors of sleep, diet and exercise as well as mental and emotional stress in your life then you restore the health of your body and mind. This is essential in any alternative cancer treatment.

It is a fact that high stress is a major factor contributing to cancer and many other diseases. The question is how stress causes cancer? To answer this, we must look at what the stress response is physiologically in the body. Hans Selye, the father of stress research, says there are two types of stress, distress and eustress. Distress is a longer answer, more damaging that negatively affects the organs, glands and systems, including the immune system. Eustress is a short-term stimulus benefits the system. If you go up and down stairs ten times you feel invigorated. Now if you go up and down stairs a thousand times you are totally exhausted and drained to eustress, is health while stimulating the distress is depleting health.

The stress response is controlled by the brain via the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis or HPA axis. The hypothalamus, which has been called the brain of the brain is the part of your brain that feels biochemical changes similar to the thermostat in your home. If certain biochemicals go up or down, it triggers the brain to react. The hypothalamus is by telling the master hormone gland, the pituitary, to send messages to the adrenal glands to secrete a hormone called cortisol. When the cortisol level is correct, it is anti-inflammatory and promotes health. When cortisol is too high to acute stress or too low with chronic stress, it causes your immune and digestive systems for stopping, increase inflammation, increase blood glucose, hormones out of balance and bone to become osteoporotic. When cortisol remains high or low, it predisposes you to cancer and many other diseases.

What causes cortisol to get out of balance?

Mental / emotional stress (distress)
Total sleep deprivation (8-9.5 hours) and pre-sleep at midnight (four hours is ideal)
Diets high in sugar, starch or acid forming foods
Too little exercise or too

The cancer can develop when cortisol is chronically high or low, as adrenal exhaustion causes suppression of the immune system and your immune system is what keeps the individual cancer cells (which everyone has), to develop in colonies called tumors.

The plan stresses the most important management starts with good sleep, diet, and exercise and learn to change your perception of the situation. When you change your perception, you can change your reality and your health. To reduce mental distress / emotional, we must live fully in the moment without spending time thinking about the "if only I could" past or "if only I could" future. If you had excruciating pain in your body, what does your mind say? "I'll die if I do not go out of this pain." But is this really true? Can you bear the pain for a second? The answer is yes and that's how you-long storm in your life, living one moment at a time instead of living in the past or the future. This type of living keeps your cortisol and the immune system in balance and keeps you sane and body.