25 February 2012

Power dressing for women

It is important that your clothing that you sell you as a person to promote the brand of "you" through your appearance. A huge percentage of our time is spent working and the power we will describe a direct impact on our networking capabilities. They say that nearly 75 percent of communication is the variety of nonverbal means that most other visual is what we wear to play a major role in how we are perceived.

No doubt all of us ladies wanted at some point - most likely around 7am on Monday morning - we were a man and ready for the work involved in pulling a shirt and tie cabinet. Say, however, we have much more freedom than women to express ourselves through our work clothes, and we can steer clear of the combination of plain old black. Here are some rules to stick by a successful power dressing;

- A proper fit is imperative to look tidy and functional. A garment that is too tight will look rather floozy, and while most of the size of elements can work, they are too casual for the office.
- Another key point is to be comfortable. Pencil skirts look great, but can
sometimes slow you down and you can be constantly juggle with them, so that
The style of a line, max or trumpet can mean less hassle. The rule is: not too short and not too long.
- Dress with confidence. Make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you wear and it shows a bit of your personality, but is also useful for the tasks you will be doing - a miniskirt and a lot of bending and lifting is never going to work!
- Do you sell. If you try to come across as knowledgeable and good sense, and a belly top and mini skirt does not have this effect. Think about how you see someone else wearing your outfit.
- Express your individuality. Remember, you are your brand. By being true to yourself you will prevail.
- The shoes are a massive part of dressing for success because they are the first thing many people will watch and it says that a person's shoes say a lot about them. Make sure they are comfortable, appropriate for work and clean.

Remember these simple steps and you will look great and is sure to impress everyone at work with your dressing stylish and powerful.