24 February 2012

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Consulting Engineers

The work of consulting engineers is to advise clients on the policies they adopt to make the necessary improvements in the engineering section of their business. However, this work of giving advice requires you to make long and complicated calculations. So there is a huge risk to make small mistakes that cause huge losses in the end your client. Be relatively large companies on your client you will immediately sue demanding compensation to cover their huge losses. In such a situation, you obviously would not be willing to pay this huge amount of money. Thus, to defend you in court you would have to hire a professional expert who would certainly be a costly affair. You do not have to worry about these expenses if you get timely assured with our industry specific Profession Indemnity Insurance.

This is why you should ideally opt for our insurance coverage if you work as a consulting engineer. Whether you are proving advice to the construction company or the oil and gas industry, your recommendations can be very costly for you without insurance coverage. Our insurance not only writes off the amount of the claim, but also covers the cost of hiring your defense without much hassle. We have been in this business covering engineering consultants who work as freelancers since 1980.

We work with the best insurers in the UK and we are therefore able to provide engineering consulting internationally. We quote insurance rates very competitive and you can get our insurance online in minutes at your convenience. So if you're willing to spend a few pounds per day for our professional liability insurance coverage, you can focus on your work as a consulting engineer, without having to worry about minor errors you make.