25 February 2012

Simple Steps to Clean Dirty Silver Jewelry at Your Home

A new piece of silver jewelry attracts buyers with its sleek look, bright and shiny. But the jewelry will require a certain amount of regular care to maintain its natural beauty. As the buyer begins to wear the ornament on a regular basis, the part will gradually look dull and boring. The lotion and skin oil applied to your body with the normal dust, pollution and dirt will affect the natural beauty of silver jewelry. Therefore, you must clean these ornaments regularly to maintain their natural radiance and luminosity. However, you can clean the dirty pieces of silver to your home without incurring additional costs.

Scrub and inspect the piece of jewelry: Before cleaning silver jewelry, you must inspect the product carefully to detect clasps, and pebbles. It is very important to get the ornament repaired by a professional jeweler before cleaning. If the jewelry does not require any additional compensation, you can use a soft cloth to rub the cleaning room. You must have a certain amount of care and caution while rubbing the coin to prevent the soft metal to melt and scratching. Once you buff the dirt from the surface of silver jewelry, oil the piece off with a watercolor brush or soft toothbrush.

Choose the suitable cleaning: After cleaning and oiling of the silver coin jewelry dirty, you need to choose a good quality product for cleaning. Some people prefer to use the same mild detergent at home. But you also have options to buy the cleanser on the market, after making sure it does not consume alcohol, ammonia or bleach. It is also very important to avoid aggressive chemical-based cleaning, as they may damage the quality and appearance of the piece of silver jewelry.

Clean silver jewelry: If the ornament is very dirty, you should consider cleaning the dip method using a cleaning product relatively strong. Before cleaning silver jewelry, you should test the effect of the cleaning agent by applying a small area of ​​the ornament. Once you are sure of its effectiveness, add the product to more than cleaning a soft, clean jewelry gently rubbing and polishing. Sometimes the cloth is obscured due to the impact of the cleaning agent. In such cases, you need to rinse the clothes in hot water before continuing the cleaning process.

Dry and store silver jewelry: After cleaning, the ornament of money fully, it must be dried with a towel, pure cotton wipes, silver or red cloth. Although drying of the room, you need to focus on the stones, pliers, beads and jewelry similar delicate drawings. However, you also need to consider additional measures to store silver jewelry thoroughly cleaned of the most appropriate manner. The ornaments should be stored separately in a jewelry bag or light boxes. You can even consider the money storage boxes specially designed to resist oxidation. After placing the jewelry inside the bag, you should store them on a medium free of moisture and high heat.