24 February 2012

Sort Your Kids' Toys with the Guidecraft USA Safari Toy Box!

Is your child's room cluttered with toys lying around? Then organize them in the box Toy Guidecraft USA. The little explorers will be delighted with this new addition to their rooms.

The toy box has a lovely day gay, happy with a giraffe, zebra and an elephant. The edges and corners of the box are accented with zebra print details. The theme of this pastel toy box illuminates children's area ", without overloading the other furniture. This toy box with lid is a timely addition to safari-themed rooms kids.

The summer scene safari is hand painted and get the construction of the box is actually hand carved. This toy box inviting motivates your children to store their toys, trinkets, sketch pads, sketches, games and many other things after you have finished playing. The toy storage chest provides ample space to hold a lot of toys. Not just toys, but it's easy to sort of storybook bed-time, dress-up accessories, clothing and more preferred in this toy box for children.

The box is cleverly designed and safely, so that your children do not need constant adult supervision. The U.S. Guidecraft Safari Toy Box has a sturdy lid painted with bright sunshine, cloud movement and two small birds. This cover is balanced with two safety lid supports and finger holes cut sports to prevent your children's hands pinching when closing the box.

You do not have to worry about children switch this storage unit. The strong legs below provide the necessary support. Moreover, there are two cut-out spaces on each side that will be useful when you want to move the box around. Put this storage box and is easy and does not require much time and effort.

When your children grow and move on to bigger and outdoor activities, the box is still useful as a work area. The spacious Guidecraft USA Safari Toy Box is the perfect way to keep stationery and notebooks inside the cover and used the space to work on their homework. Get this fun and functional furniture from reliable online store - Nebraska Furniture Mart (nfm.com) and encourage your children to be more organized!