25 February 2012

The Technology of IVR and Speech Recognition

A recent technology in the telecommunications industry is the IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This technology allows users to interact with the computer and vice versa through voice tone and keyboards. A user communicates with the computer using a voice recognition software which analyzes the voice and the message.

in most industries. Today, IVR technology is also introduced into automobile systems for hands-free operation. It is quite effective and gain greater recognition. If you have an Internet connection such as Time Warner Internet, you can check for yourself.

The story goes back to the IVR at the age of digital computers. Seriously, looking for an effective and cost-effective technology was going and by the late 1970s a full flight system was introduced. This time it was used in call centers and BPO, but the technology was complicated and expensive. Most companies were not able to afford it and it was a high level of technology for large multinationals.

Besides the complicated technology and cost, the voice recognition system may identify keywords and phrases limited. But as the years passed and in the early 90s many competitors began to bombard the market which introduced IVR services better and more innovative. Network configuration and voice recognition software has been improved and there was the last of them too. Slowly, the majority of companies worldwide have begun to invest in this technology and has become a vital issue for their process.

The typical use of IVR technology was employed by high volume of calls, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. It has reduced the cost by solving the customer's need without waiting in line and incur the cost of a live agent. Usually a live agent would have to sit and deal with questions and doubts for 24/7. With IVR technology if customers do not find the information they need, or need additional help, the call can then be transferred to an agent. This allows a more efficient system in which agents have more time to deal with complex interactions such as customer retention, up selling, cross selling and the resolution of issue. In this way, the customer is more likely to settle for a personal service and interaction is likely to be more fulfilling and rewarding to the agent, as opposed to dealing with basic inquiries that require good responses, such that obtaining customer information.

The basic technology used in the IVR system is voice recognition software and keyboards tone. Tone keyboards are quite similar to those we have normal, but with a slight modification. They are more advanced and user friendly. The voice recognition software is the most important and the important role of this service. This software has the capacity to recognize the sounds of the users and their accents. The way people talk, their voice modulation, the accents are recoded and programmed; making it quite effective.

Since every good technology benefits, the same way the IVR system has also received much criticism and demerits. Some people have criticized the IVR system to be unnecessary and difficult because of poor design and lack of appreciation of the need of the caller. Some callers refuse to provide voice response to an automated system and prefer to speak with a human respondent.IVR is sometimes criticized as unnecessary and difficult to use because of poor design and lack of appreciation of the needs of caller.

Many companies have also been criticized for using IVR to reduce operational costs, but does not provide similar services using agents. These methods tend to frustrate customers who feel that their right to speak to an agent is restricted.

Whatever technology is good and if you want something that is fast and efficient, then go for it.