25 February 2012

Test your skills and save money while you’re at it

As one of the sports world's most popular spectator, golf has followers worldwide running into the millions and its major tournaments including the Masters, the Open and USPGA Championship - attracting massive audiences worldwide and are considered some of the biggest events in the sporting calendar. But there's much more to golf than watching it, and it is also one of the major participation sports around. Thousands of people all over the UK to take golf lessons all weekend, if they seek to improve their handicap or simply give their boss a long-awaited and well deserved beating on the greens.

However, one of the most difficult aspects of golf - apart from driving or putting, of course - is the cost associated with it. Get the right equipment together can take all year dedicated golfer, and it tends to cost a pretty penny. And it goes without saying that times are tough for many people today, forcing some of us to reconsider our priorities - which means cutting our spending on leisure activities. However, there are ways to save money and keep playing the game you love. Golf can be relatively expensive to make, but that does not mean you should expect to have to pay top dollar for everything.

For example, instead of forking out for golf clubs brand new, carts and so on, you can either rent equipment or just buy second hand. Provided it was well maintained, Used golf equipment should always be able to provide at least some years of enjoyment. Admittedly, it may not be upscale, but unless you fancy yourself as a frustrated Tiger Woods - that is, if you are an amateur golfer who plays just for fun - it can save you an amount significant money and prove to be a profitable investment.

Golfers are increasingly save money on green fees for using vouchers to help them obtain free admission or discounted on the golf course. In addition, those who see golf as a social event can also use two-for-one titles, allowing themselves or their partner get on the golf course fairways, without paying for green fees. It is clear that many of us feel the crunch right now, so it is well worth your time looking to save money wherever possible. Good Green fees are a great way to cut corners and helps to lower the overall cost of playing golf.