25 February 2012

Tips for Choosing Appropriate Toys for the 10 Months Old baby

The baby is 10 months a toddler, very active and can move around the room. The baby's hands movements become more flexible and exercise capacity is strengthened, and also capable of simple imitation. At this stage, if they want to play with other children, they have not the ability to play. This time need parents to use toys and games to help the baby's development to increase the activity of his body and limbs. Parents need to play games together anymore with the baby, and you can choose the following types of toys.

First, the balls are easy to grasp and musical toys that can make sounds, such as toys that can make small cars, toy phone, small wooden piano, small drums, metal pans and metal plate, toys extrusion rubber squeaky books, cloth is not torn easily.

Second, pet toys, balloons for a variety of sizes, colors and textures, large inflatable toys that can push down swinging like inflatable musical clown, pull or drag musical toys or toys that can imitate sound, some occurring in any other noisy toys, large dolls and Barbie dolls, stuffed animals, pull or drag toys, toys such as mini, durable plastic cups or plastic bowl, funnels and spoons.

Thirdly, toys that help develop visual, auditory and tactile perception: the choice of colorful masks, a variety of plastic toys, mirrors, tables, small animals, toys that can make a beautiful sound, like bells, small rattle drums, music boxes, wind chimes, toys, etc. of different textures and hand feels like plush dolls, toys handmade silk, toys, beach balls bedside, etc.

Fourth: building blocks, the baby 10 months is able to play more easily assembled building blocks, large blocks with simple figures.

Fifth, buy baby hands on the simple toys, like some small toys in sets of tableware, small containers for the baby to put small objects, such as in small baskets, boxes, etc., then remove, or to provide the baby with some small boxes or bottles with lids for him to open or close the lid.

Sixth, buy a few sets of stacked towers toys for the baby to disassemble and assemble. The 10 month old is not necessarily required to implement these toys in the correct order by size. You can also leave the baby with the practice of putting the ring stacked in his arms, then take away, the actions of this kind help to develop the baby hands on capacity.