25 February 2012

Wet Wipes and the Grocery Store

It seems that everywhere you look these days, wet wipes are emerging. Case in point: the grocery store. As you walk in and take your cart, you are welcomed in many stores for a station with wet wipes. The sign invites you to grab one and wipe the handle of your cart.

But what for? We never had this convenience in the old days, so why use them now?

The answer can be summed up in one simple word but frightening germs.

The truth is that the handle of the basket is full of germs you push other people. And if you can not clean the surface with a damp cloth, then hand pick the seeds. Now what? You are opening yourself to all sorts of possibilities of infection.

How do you know the last person who touched your cart is not infected with something like strep throat? Or what about the terrible seasonal flu? Vaccine against the flu or not, your best bet is to pick up the wet wipe and start wiping things.

Protect the health of your children

Staying with the example of the grocery store, what about if you take a small child with you to the store? They sit in this seat near the front of the cart, or if they are really lucky they get one of the carts that have a cool race car toy attached for them to "lead."

Now, we need not tell you this, but these things are infested with germs. Children are particularly bad for not washing hands, do not cover their mouth when coughing, sneezing all things, and more. Not to mention if you have a little baby chances are good that once you turn your back they will have their mouths all the while.

But if you used a wet wipe ... and suddenly you do not have to worry so much. Why? Because you just killed 99 percent of germs that would otherwise endanger them. Are you a store owner? Get Wipes

Maybe you own a small local grocery store. If so, congratulations. We realize how difficult it is for a mom and pop grocery store to deal with all the great shops of the company in this day and age.

But we also know that you have to do things to keep up with department stores. And one small thing you can do is offer wet wipes at the door. Your customers are sure to appreciate this simple gesture that shows how much you really care about them and their health.

Where can you get wipes for your shop?

You do not know where to find these wipes? Well let us help you. It's pretty simple. All you have to do is go to Google and type "wet wipes" in the search bar. Or anything close, you can try "wet wipes supplier." You'll have plenty of relevant results that way. Now just look around and find a supplier. It's that simple!

So if you are a client take a moment and kill some germs with these wipes. And if you own a store, provide wet wipes for your customers. They will thank you!