18 February 2012

What do Twiztid and ICP Have in Common?

The basics are: Twiztid and ICP are two of Michigan, Twiztid and ICP are major cult following, and both ICP and Twiztid, and ICP and Twiztid both are involved with groups of horror super rap Dark Lotus and Psychopathic Rydas . Did you know, Twiztid CD date back further than you might imagine at first? In fact, the cycle Twiztid CD release, on average, is more common than ICP too!

The first CD release Twiztid, Mostasteless, was released in 1997 by Psychopathic Records. Even then, 15 years ago, Twiztid and ICP shared the same label! Because the PIC has Psychopathic Records, it should come as no surprise that Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope the utmost respect for their contemporaries in horror rap Twiztid.

Although ICP released their first album did good 5 years before the first ever CD release of Twiztid, ICP continued to be one of the rap duo the most infamous in the world. Meanwhile, Twiztid is well known by the heads of horror rap, but not much happened. However, despite the fact that ICP and Twiztid have 5 full years of separation from their full length debut, ICP has only released two other CDs.

If you are really interested in Twiztid's latest CD, then look no further than online store group, hatchetgear.com. Not only the most recent CDs Twiztid available here, but many variations Twiztid Twiztid CDs and compilations can be found as well. Singles, exclusive tour, you name it. If it was written by one of the founding members and has seen the light of day through a Twiztid CD, then chances are it can be found here.

This brings me to my next example of what Twiztid and ICP have in common - both are experts in the field of music marketing. Both Twiztid and ICP merch unique items available for purchase at their concerts and in their online store. ICP and Twiztid both have backpacks, both ICP and Twiztid have key chains, both ICP and Twiztid have lighters, etc. As you can see, Twiztid CDs are not the only element of the goods Twiztid fact is that varied in the online store!

One area in which the merchandise Twiztid just does not compare to the ICP is that the films. Videos Twiztid in the film sense, are few and far between. Twiztid The only original videos that have seen wide release and is available for purchase online are the Purple Lounge and Born Twiztid. The video is a former Twiztid feature film with a plot, and this video is just Twiztid show internet group put on a DVD.

These videos are not Twiztid music videos. Those, however not for sale, are still amazing. The most popular video on YouTube is by far the Twiztid video for "We shall not die." A watch and you'll know why fans are so interested in all videos Twiztid released.

Twiztid This video is an excellent example of the last thing ICP and Twiztid have in common. Because both came to be known in the 90s, when the music video was in its heyday, they have both become adept and manufacture of such products. All videos found on YouTube Twiztid speak well to this point.