04 March 2012

Alkaline Water Benefits

The alkaline water benefits seem overstated and understated at the same time. Anyone know the truth, but what is the truth? You need to learn from someone with experience when it comes to claims of healing.

Alkaline water is created using a water ionizer. It creates a kind of water that is very beneficial for the human body. This is especially true for someone who follows a typical Western diet.

Like most of us are aware, a Western diet includes junk food, fast food, sodas, processed and packaged foods and just about everything that is not made of Mother Nature intended. In other words, this is a very acidic diet. These excess acids in our body begin to create all kinds of havoc. It is low power consumption and obesity to cancer.

Dr. Robert Young, author of The pH Miracle, is the leading expert in the world when it comes to the acid / alkaline balance in our diet. He was considered the first to document a reversal of medically type 1 diabetes. He also helped patients reverse many forms of cancer, including aggressive cancers and it did so without the use of chemotherapy, surgery or drugs. But how can it be? We were told that cancer is a horrible disease that can happen to any of us. But Dr. Young states that cancer is really nothing more than excess acid accumulated in the tissues.

So how does it reverse these diseases?

It does this by teaching people to change their eating habits which means increasing the amount of green vegetables and raw, it teaches them to start drinking plenty of alkaline ionized water.

Alkaline water is very different from what you find in your tap or in bottle for three very specific reasons.

The first is the pH. A water ionizer will increase the pH of your desired amount. Water has a pH of 7 and is considered to be neutral on the pH scale. You can raise your pH to 8 or 9 which gives you 10 times to 100 times the alkalinity of the water regularly. This will neutralize the acids in the tissues.

The second advantage is the antioxidant power. This can only come from using a water ionizer. It may come as a surprise to you, but bottled water and tap water are oxidizing body.

The third advantage is smaller water clusters. Did you ever drink water and felt like you were still thirsty? This is because of water clusters large. The smaller water clusters are easily absorbed into the tissues of your creation of a "wetter" water. Your thirst is off because your tissues receive the benefit of better water.

The fourth advantage is cost. How do you spend each year on bottled water? A water ionizer can cost less than bottled water and you provide your family with clean water. What kind of price can you put on your family's health?

The benefits of alkaline water can be made possible when you see how much better water actually is.