03 March 2012

How to Build a Patio

On a hot summer day, sitting on a patio or deck can be really uncomfortable that you sweat away and get sunburned. It's nice to relax in the sun at times, but being able to sit in the shade is a nice luxury. It can cost several thousand dollars for the purchase of an awning, but if it's not your budget, there is still an option for you! This guide will share with you how to resolve this situation by building your own patio awning!

The first step in building your patio awning is to make sure you have the proper materials. You will need a tape measure, electric drill, four eyes, four stakes, four string sections, two key chains, two screw hooks, two support posts, a sewing machine with a large needle and a large piece of cloth. These materials are extremely profitable as well.

The first step is to determine the size of the canvas you need for your awning. Always buy more than you think you need that way you have additional material for a hem. Now, your sewing skills come into play! You will now need to sew the hem around the material, which will prevent any fraying. Since this painting will be outside, use a nylon string because it is more durable in outdoor conditions. On all four corners, install a grommet at each corner.

Take the measuring tape and measuring one side of the awning. You want to measure the distance between eyelet grommet. Then proceed to drill two pilot holes into the wood siding where the blind branch from. Take the brackets and screw them into the holes you just created. If you try to screw the hooks into the pilot holes are drilled in, you can end up having issues. This is a much simpler process by drilling pilot holes.

On each ring, ring install a unique key. You'll want to do on the side of the awning that goes against the house. Hook the main rings on the hooks, so that there will be a total of two buttons placed on the two hooks. At this point, you have already installed an entire side of your store!

Now it is time to install the poles supporting the awning. Stretch the fabric awning to determine if the locus of support. The posts must be securely placed in the dirt or have a flat base to stand on. Take the poles and place them in the grommets on the canvas awning.