20 April 2013

Makeup Artist's Secrets - Face Shape Makeup Tips

Maybe you do not think you have the "perfect" facial structure. Well, guess what? You do! Makeup tips face shape is essential to help you enhance your favorite features and minimize your least favorite. You're beautiful and with just a few simple tricks you can look your best.


Firstly, it is important to have the right tools. One of the staples in your toolbox should be the color correction concealors. Concealors are not only hide, they also neutralize and balance the skin tone. This helps when you apply foundation because you do not need to use as "cover" your concealor color correction has already done most of the work.

For example, purple or light pink corrector can brighten and conceal dull skin tones. Pale green is used to balance ruddiness. Light yellow corrects under eye circles and other purplish / blue discolorations.

This article focuses on the use of concealors to change the shape of the face. Concealors brown, beige, taupe, ivory and even can help resolve the facial features by lengthening, filling, and skin lightening. The use of a mixture of light and dark concealors (or foundations) can create almost any illusion that you like more cheeks a little nose.

The key is to blend, blend, blend. Always remember to apply with a light hand and blend well. If you use a variety of shades to make your foundation look of light foundation should be one or two shades lighter and darker foundation should not be more than 2 shades darker than your regular foundation.

Face Shape Makeup Tips

Work with your facial structure and natural form you will look its best is final. Find your face shape below.

Oval: This is the "ideal" face shape. With the use of light and dark concealors every face shape can be made to look like an oval. Oval faces need darker foundation applied at the forehead and chin to balance the width.

Trapezoidal: This facial shape requires refining the lower part of the face with a dark concealor. Use a light corrector at the temple. It will focus on the middle of the face, making it appear narrower and more.

Rectangular or square: correct these two basic forms darker around (top, bottom, and sides). Combining help redefine outside sharp corners in more than one curve, which gives your face a soft dimension.

Triangular: The triangular face can use darker foundation at the chin. When mixed will appear shorter chin, carrying the triangular shape. Apply dark foundation at the temples, bringing focus to the middle of the face. Using light foundation along the jaw line give more balance and depth.

Round: Round faces need only a small amount of darker foundation applied at the temples and around the underside. This will give the illusion of a more elongated face.
Balancing Your Features

Makeup tips face shape should also include how to dress up and focus on specific features. Many people use these tips to make them appear longer nose, chin more rounded and fuller cheeks.

Prominent chin: Apply a darker foundation on the tip of your chin, and mixing well, will reduce the severity of your chin.

Double chin: If you have a double chin mix a darker foundation right on the double chin to put the two together to create a single chin.

Long Nose: Think your nose is too long? Apply dark foundation right on the tip and mix well. Viola! Your nose seems shorter.

The nose is broad, broad nose are easily adjusted with darker foundation applied on each side of the nose and mixed really, really well.

Short nose: nose short need a light application of light foundation all along the top of the nose. This will give him an advantage less well defined and help to reveal the short term.

Narrow nose: Widen narrow nose by applying a light foundation on each side of the nose and blend well. He is opposed to the application for a broad nose.

Hooked nose: A crooked nose is the most difficult. Apply dark foundation on the side twisted to reduce and then apply light foundation on the opposite side. This creates balance and the illusion of a straight nose.
Makeup tips face shape are some of the most useful tips that you can have in your arsenal. Use them to look your best while still looking like you.