17 April 2011

10 Things You Need to Know About Oil Paint

Oil painting are most commonly used in paints paintings. Each artist like the appearance and texture of this and one of the countless results that can be obtained from their use. Some of the most famous works have been carried out by painting in oil and we all know how much they have lasted for centuries. (Let now discuss us some points that may help us better with paints.1 oil painting) first they take much time for drying. Any artist would find this good as this gives them more time to edit and fix errors, but this is not the same if you have a work commissioned to be completed on time! (2) with this painting sometimes is a disadvantage for some as there are chances of pets showing their true love while you are painting! (Enfants_et_animaux_de_compagnie,_deles_de_vents_et_deles_de_pluies_sont_deles_de_facteurs_qui_vous_font_regrette_la_décision_qu'ils_prennent_plus_de_temps_pour_drying.3) keep the raw materials and cleaning of fabrics always handy as of painting with oil spills as the other paints.4 also) they need mostly a means or a solvent for the color form the correct mixture. We succeed in tubes and they need for a separate liquid solvent to dissolve in until they are ready to use. (Thinners are used to provide the necessary consistency by the artist.5) mixture may also become a big problem when the color is held in large quantities to cover a large area. Need to plan in advance other wise find us the same color with different plots. This gives a very bad result unless you are painting with joy and you will certainly get an abstract work! (6) they are more expensive than other types of paintings. Whenever you are going to buy paintings there is a significant difference in cost in water based paints and those oil. Therefore everything what you plan to do in paint oil take into account your budget. (No wonder that oil paints are more expensive that the color of the water works although there are exceptions in some sketches of the very famous artists who have a good value.7 price) using canvas for painting sketch paper or oil as ordinary paper will absorb oil and staining. All paint good be the correct base is required to give good results. (Oil_Paints_exigent_deles_de_bases_spéciales_sur_lequel_ces_peintures_peuvent_être_used.8) oil painting are bright and most of the time reflects light, so an artist must keep all of this while making tints and shades of any colour.9) it is advisable to avoid painting in oil during the winter and rainy season (as the drying time is very long and the chances of drying parts of color can leave a few fixes in the final result.10) Special brushes are required for the use of this painting. They also need to clean brushes solvents and turpentine. More care is required and good quality brushes would last longer than those cheap to become bald with a single use.Any artist would like to have their works to remain for many years and oil painting are certainly here at the last. Regardless of the requirements and problems with them many artists like texture, usability, and the result of the use of oil paint and it is definitely worth!