18 April 2011

Massage Therapy - What Are the Different Types?

There are different types of massages and choose the right one can tend to be a little difficult if you are not well informed. It is important to understand your body and what is deciding on the type of massage to get maximum profits and benefits.Here are some of most popular types of massages;A very popular treatment is the Swedish massage, which became the favourite among most Westerners. In this form, the masseur uses long and smooth with kneading movements and circular strokes by the fingers and hands to exert pressure on the surface layers of muscle. In General, this is done with oils or lotions created from exotic natural extracts and ingredients of massage. This technique is best for those who obtain a massage for the first time and is a great way to refresh, relax and rejuvenate your body and your senses.Aromatherapy has become a branch of medicine itself and a massage with aromatic oils or essential oils is therefore strongly recommended. Oils are selected by the therapist according to the needs of the person and are Cliffhanger in the body for a relaxing, soothing and calming experience. Aromatherapy massage is the best way to de-stress and combat fatigue and also helps you to achieve an internal sense of balance and harmony. It is also strongly recommended for those who have skin dry, as the oils of helps nurture and soften the skin and keep it glowing.Deep tissue massages are for those who seek something more than a relaxing experience. Here blows and friction is used on muscles so that the pressure reaches the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. This is specifically recommended for persons recover after injury, accidents, and for those who suffer from tight muscles, cramps and problems postures. A deep tissue massage can leave you feel sore and bruised, but this only lasts for one or two days, after which the positive results are beginning to show through.A hot stone massage is also a popular type of therapy where the smooth stones are selected and then heated to the correct temperature. It is then placed on certain areas of the body warm up and relax the muscles tightly knotted and the flow of appropriate energy in the body. The masseur uses also these hot stones to apply light pressure to various points and zones. It is a very comforting technique and is ideal for relaxation.Everyone would have heard of a Thai massage that especially foot Thai massage or reflexology has become so popular these days. In a Thai session, the therapist will guide you through a series of movements which includes cuts and extends to re-align and make your body more flexible. It is more or less as a scheme of the fiscal year and makes your body flexible and tonic after the session.Then, go and get the massage of your choice to refresh and soothe your tired body and spirit.