21 April 2011

3 Facts You Must Know for Effective Acne Scar Treatment

In this article, I will help you all understand first how acne scars form and reveal 3 keys things/facts that you need to know before you go for treatment of acne scar. Having acne is not rare, if not inevitable, for each of us. What is most annoying is actually companion - these permanent marks of reading results and even left scars spin us the acne condition. What should do us about it?Fact # 1: How acne scars do? Before us in the solution, consider the cause of the problem. When a pore is blocked and the acne bacteria begin to multiply in the pores, your body is trying to dislodge the blockage in attacking it as an infection. As gland continues to produce oil, and continues to multiply acne bacteria, pain follows. At this time, forms of bud or "pustule" of acne. If blocking is becoming too important, or even worse, you choose and press the button, the fibers in your skin surrounding may be damaged. The damaged fibers cannot be cured, even when the pore is finally healed. There will be a red mark left for account or an indentation deeper knowledge as a "pock marks".Fact # 2: Prevent acne ScarringPlease notice that I do not say "to prevent Acne" - it is not possible, especially today where pollution of the environment, work/student pressure and structure of disordered meals become a standard in life. What is more important, is to prevent the acne scars. It is clear that the key here is not to seek to the imperfections of acne or their tightening did any how tempting it is! On the contrary, steam of the zone with a washcloth hot until the pore opens and releases the content. This may take several sessions of up to half an hour each. Worth the investment of time to prevent a scar. At the time of the average, other means such as the use of tea tree oil to attack acne spots, going on a clean, invaded addressing of yeast candida can help all stop them acne.Face # 3: Scars of acne treatment/RemovalDo note that there are a number of methods to remove and reduce acne scars, some proven effective, some are not. Here, I will make you share the facts.DermabrasionThis is a pretty traditional old fixing of acne scars - re-damage the surface of the skin and allow it to scab over and heal, revealing a more even surface of the skin. It is in fact a medical procedure (dermabrasion). In the process, the surface of the skin is essentially sanded down mechanically remove the outer layer of the skin, like a bad burn or carpet, scratch only over a large area. Because it is a medical process, it proved effective for many people as an acne scar treatment. However, it has risks of infection and additional scars. Many people who have suffered this intervention has also obtained a discoloration of the treated skin line meets the untreated area. Oh Yes... What is I mentioned the cost involved? This painful process will leave you a few days or even weeks in hospital - which will cost you thousands of dollars easily.PeelsThis of the skin refers to use certain acid chemical products to achieve the same end result as dermabrasion, but do so as a controlled chemical fire. They are not as deep as the dermabrasion but remove the outer layers of the skin. Peeling skin then "cobalt" and in a few weeks. The process must be repeated several times to obtain good results. Chemical Peeling works well for some but is carry expensive and other risks of infection and scarring. Another area to be aware of is if you skin more dark, they are known to cause staining in some individuals. If you choose this method, be sure to insist on a test cash within your arms for any negative allergic reaction or other, you may have before that anyone who makes all product chemical on your face. Do this before whenever you get a treatment of peel, as the reactions may appear, even after never have a problem before. These treatments can be expensive so shop autour and check the references.Laser TreatmentThis is a relatively new technology for the treatment of acne scar and in some cases the laser treatments have shown promise in reducing redness and lightening the scars. The laser stimulates the cells of the skin and the r