21 April 2011

6 Tips to Remove Acne Scars Fast

In this article, we examine 6 tips you apply to remove the quick acne scars.But before that I speak of these six tips, I would like to emphasize the importance of prevention. It's easy to prevent that is advanced to deal with later. It is essential to take care of acne, as soon as they develop by application of cream on the affected skin or eating of antibiotics - see your doctor if you are not certain. And never try to tighten the imperfections of acne - which certainly worsen your problem of scar.Then I will share with you the six councils. Their application will help you to have an acne-free face and gain confidence as soon as possible.Tip # 1: Use skin lightening CreamsThis is useful for shallow acne marks - for example, these red marks left after the acne is gone. The following ingredients: liquorice extract, Kojic acid and hydroquinone that help to clarify the skin and remove these marks of acne instantly. These creams are available for sale free and cheap. Sometimes cream will exaggerate the effects and claim that they can treat all the acne scars. Then please looking more closely at their ingredients - if it is under the category clarifying skin, it is probably not going to help treat people break the scars.Tip # 2: Exfoliation of the skin is ExfoliationSkin refers to the detachment layers of damaged skin where acne scars are developed. The most commonly used chemical endometrial are salicylic acid and glycolic acid or a scrub of the face with beads Exfoliating shortly. Exfoliate the skin on a daily basis for a few weeks, the acne scars will be more smaller or even disappear.Tip # 3: Skin DermabrasionSkin dermabrasion is more effective for the scars of acne server and should be done in the doctor's Office. It is the process of removing the upper layers of the skin with a machine and therefore removes scar tissue. As the heel of the skin, a new, smoother skin layer will be developed.Tip # 4: Chemical PeelThis is similar to the peeling of the skin. But instead of using a machine to remove a layer of skin, he used chemical ingredients, which are in many creams over-the-counter, to remove the layer of skin. As you can imagine, this is a treatment that you can make yourself at home. And it helps give your skin a smoother appearance, but may not be as effective as the peeling of the skin.Tips # 6: Laser TreatmentsLaser treatments are newly developed technology. It use some special equipment to generate laser that can spray the healing of the skin and make visible new skin. He works the best for acne scars is concentrated on an area of the skin - for example the cheeks, chest or front. It is also more expensive treatment.Tip # 6: The Injections of collagen it is specifically to the depressions caused by the acne scars. Collagen is the ingredients that our body uses to regenerate tissues and skins. By injecting collagen into depressions, the skin will be regenerated and restored.If you want to remove acne scars fast, the six tips above have proven useful. However, based on your personal situation, you must choose to apply advice which are a function of your situation. Please also consult your doctor if you are not sure. In addition, you must pay attention at the expense of each treatment. Think twice before you make a final decision.For more tips and proven techniques for quickly remove acne scars, visit of acne scars fade.