21 April 2011

Acne - What Is It Actually?

Acne is a disease of the skin and its medical name is Seborrheic Dermatitis. It is sometimes called Acne Vulgaris. Many people believe that it is normally the young person who is vulnerable, but this is certainly not true. Adults are also prone to this problem of skin.He is also very common, about 10% of the adult population will be at one time or another encounter this problem and for adolescents, the figure can be as high as 85%.Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands fail to operate normally. In a healthy skin, these glands release oil rises through the pores on the surface of the skin. This is what keeps your skin moist and well lubricated to ensure the protection of the environment. If the pores become clogged, then toxic oil is formed which cannot escape on the skin. This bomb oil causes growth or bud to form and this increases the size as more and more taken the trap oil tries to reach the surface of the skin.The walls of the pores can explode under the skin and then white blood cells move to digest the collagen that surrounds the pores. Result in scarring of the face.If acne is treated before this stage, you can prevent healing. Start your acne compensation program as soon as you can see the buttons or blackheads appear in the skin.The toxic matter will contain dirt, bacteria, acid wastes, oil of excess sebum and dead skin. To eliminate acne, the approach is not only to use creams on the face. This will only treat the symptoms and has no effect of hardening of the cause of the problem.It is very important to understand that the whole body must be treated. Eruptions on the face are a clear indication that the normal process of the organization is not working as it should. Acne can be caused by any under the execution of that part of the body that can cause the blood to carry too much toxicity.Then, how are you going to do to help the body to return to a normal level of work?You could go to see your doctor, which would probably be prescribed creams, ointments or some medications. You may decide to go to your local pharmacy and ask their opinion. Perhaps a dermatologist might be your choice. All of these methods may or may not work depending on the question of whether the recommended treatment includes rid the body of toxins that cause acne in the first place.The only just and natural way is a complete redesign of the body and to do this, you will need with someone who has a complete understanding of how the functions of the body. You will need to be guided in ways to rid the body of all toxins and then how to keep the body in this improved State. It is no good to get rid of toxins and then return to what it was that caused to develop in the first place.The best person to understand the situation is one which has suffered from this disease and has actually been corrected by his research on the root causes. It would be the living proof that the system really works. Acne No More is the result of his research.