17 April 2011

The Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is probably one of the most popular complementary medicine which uses the technique of massage Swedish and heated stones for natural healing.While almost any type of smooth stones can serve as support for this type of massage therapy, most therapists use a stone special basalt called Pierre because of their ability to trap heat during a long period of time. Basaltic rocks are known to be rich in iron, which is a material appropriate to conserve heat. Other types of stones lies mainly in the beds of river which were smoothed by time of strong current of the River.This type of therapeutic massage was used during ancient times for conditioning the body as well as to improve the patient's immune system. The time spent by, this method has been enhanced by the use of the most appropriate types of stones as a means and a good technical massage that is gentle and effective at the same time. Swedish massage technique is commonly used as it is a smooth massage technique with no need for the movement of the patient's body, which allows hot stones to remain in their places.Applying heated stone on the Meridian or the key points of the patient's body while he massage with the popular Swedish massage is effective and beneficial. Here are some of the benefits that a patient can expect after a therapy session good massage using hot stones: Muscle relaxation - heat has always been known as an ideal method to relieve muscle tension. Using hot stones on different key areas, our body absorbs the heat which is then distributed all over the body and relaxes the steep parts of our body, such as our muscles.Calm and improves the nervous system - hot stones on the key points improve the flow of energy on the body which in turn improves the flow on our nervous system. This chain reaction then soothes our physical and emotional condition.Warms and improves the patient's body - before the massage begins the actual massage, 120 to 125 degree Fahrenheit rocks are deployed throughout the meridians points or channels the energy of the body of the patient. This process is carried out for the preparation and warming up of the body of the patient to receive the best effects of massage therapy. Massage it helps to have a better handling with deep muscle tissues of the patient.Relieves stress - massage with hot stones is known as an effective method to eliminate stress. The heat of the stones with a good Swedish massage will almost certainly remove any type of stress in the body of the patient.Body pain - as with any other type of massage therapy, body pain relief is one of the main objective. Bodily pain is the result of hard work, stressful environment and many other factors that affect the good condition of the body of a human being. By applying heat, the body reacts just in a positive reaction by releasing toxins and muscle tension. Massage therapy seals of and deals with any way blocked energy which creates pain in the body of the patient.