17 April 2011

The Beginning of Reflexology

Reflexology is a popular natural healing technique that uses the hands and feet as controllers of manipulation and improve the overall health of the human body. As robots, our bodies have some key areas that act as controllers responsible for the good condition of the body. This is done by applying different pressure on some vital areas of the hands and feet which covers parts of the corresponding body. These are called reflex areas that are essential to the improvement of the condition and boosting the ability of healing of the body. Reflexology is now a famous and Nendingen leisure appreciated by many people which is not only limited to people with physical problems as it is now a regular service offered by massage spas around the world.In the ancient Egypt, the use of reflexology dates b.c. 23: 30. Archaeological discoveries through murals prove the application of this alternative medicine on patients by massage therapist known as physicians during this period. Several wall paintings tell the event where the doctor treats patients while working on the hands and feet. Most of these images at the beginning of the natural treatment based the idea of the effectiveness of reflexology as an alternative and complementary medicine.The ancient Greece also became a part of the world where reflexology has been used as a form of natural medicine and regular health care. Ancient spas include as their alternative medicine reflexology relaxing and pain relief. Another form of natural healing and reflexology have been incorporated by the ancient Greeks to improve the health and welfare.Ancient China is also a place where reflexology of methods and techniques have grown. Ancient reflexology in China dates back to the where a certain individual called Yu Fu was healing his patients without any support as medicinal herbs, acupuncture and other Chinese medicines. The exclusive use of therapeutic massage at the time was not a common practice, particularly the style of reflexology where the said doctor gets its name from. Its Chinese name is Yu, which means healing and Fu meaning foot back. Yu Fu was able to treat his patients by targeting the reflex zones of the body parts corresponding should be improved and worked with. Most of the patients have been cured their bodies have responded well on massage therapy by the doctor.Europe has its method of famous reflexology known as the area of reflexology. This method of reflexology was the idea of Dr. William h. Fritzgerald during his time and was subsequently developed by Eunice Ingham, which became the basis of the methods of modern reflexology. This opened the way to reflexology to be part of our regular medical care and all enjoy.Reflexology is designed to relieve stress from the human body as well as reduce or completely remove bodily pain. This is done by the body while working on the release of muscle tension of moderation. Reflexology improves the condition of the body by increasing traffic and helps to strengthen the movement and flexibility of the different parts of the body.