21 April 2011

How to Get Rid of Acne

To find out how to get rid of acne, first of all, we need to know what could be the root causes of acne. Buttons are known to be the elevation of the skin inflammation and advances in acne. Hair follicles on our faces, backs and chests can become blocked, and usually, this occurs more during puberty but may also occur in adulthood. A certain type of bacteria also known as the P. acnes bacteria can grow if the original Bud is locked, either by the sweat, cream or makeup. The bacteria will use the normal metabolism of oil on the skin and will begin to collect their by-products. Inflammation of the follicle occurs with swelling and, therefore, to form a bud.Then, how get rid you of buttons or acne? It does not have to be expensive to get rid of acne; Instead, there are many home remedies which is much more cost effective and at the same time to produce a quick result.Ever since young in our childhood, you must have been said to wash your face as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed. Basic skin care are a part of providing the best treatment to get rid of acne and monitor progress. When washing your face, light and mild detergent should be used. You can apply cleaner on your own hand and then applied to your face gently. After application, rinse your face with water warm is always recommended. Hot and cold water can have harmful effects causing scaly and shocking skin pores, respectively. In addition, after washing, dry your face by Pat your face is necessary. Once you start your face with a towel friction, it will be only irritate your skin. Even after the use of base regimen cleansing to get get rid of acne, and you find that your acne is always present and does not disappear, it may be that you can use other natural remedies. It is highly probable that expensive creams can instantly get rid of your acne. You must always remember the basic idea of how the forms of acne and how to reverse this action. Thus, return you to the base, don't forget to treat any acne, you need to lead the pores and control the spread of P. acnes.There are three ways that are proven to help get rid of acne. It may not work for all persons in the progression of acne, however, is not wrong to try these tips.The use of rose water and lemon juice has been used in many cases. By mixing these two liquids evenly and leaving on the face for about 30 minutes at least once a day, you'll see that the scars and stains on your face disappear after two weeks. Then, you wash your face, once again, with the water warm and pat dry with a clean towel.The following tip is an original tip that people have been in all to get rid of acne. Aspirin, contains an ingredient known as beta hydroxyl acid. When it is mixed with water and placed on the skin, the product will be then used as an exfoliant heavy and it will help get rid of clogged pores. It can also help spots of compensation. The lemon juice and rose water, aspirin scrub must be used only once per week to get rid of newly formed buttons and Bud scars. It is important to note that the application on the face are not more than 15 minutes because it can irritate the skin. However, some may want to use this application every day and for a longer period of time, but when they do, they add the honey for a mixture of evener and causes a glimmer of their faces.Finally, how get rid of the P. acnes bacteria. A way dermatologists have found to get rid of bacteria on the face of their patients is with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil contains a substance called terpenes, and this allows to fight against bacteria, especially the bacteria that causes acne, P. acnes.There is no need to spend huge sums of money to get rid of acne. Is it not bad to try these natural homemade remedies. It can not only make your face cleaner and smoother, but acne that you may be suffering from will finally disappear.