21 April 2011

Curing Teenage Acne

The growth and development of adolescents is already assimilated with hormonal changes such as changes in body structure, modification of the sexual characteristics and the appearance of buttons and acne. This is commonly seen in adolescents 11-18 years, but these unwanted appearances on the face can cause embarrassment and stress. Today, however, Acne can easily be prevented and cured.In particular vitamin a vitamin supplements are used to lighten acne. The products of vitamin a which helps in the treatment of acne fast is retinoids. Benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient of most skin products; reduces skin oil, kills harmful bacteria in the skin and removes dead skin cells. This product works well in removing the excess oil on the face, which when trapped with dead skin cells can lead to acne. Sometimes acne may be irritating and the tendency for most adolescents is touching the part. This action should be avoided because the bacteria can spread to other areas of the face and may worsen the situation. It is best to not aggravate acne in overwhelming either.To reduce the effect of hormonal imbalance which will control the outbreaks; the diet should be changed. Avoid eating foods such as milk, cheese, sweet food, animal fats and processed foods that can affect the hormone level of the young person. Balanced diet for the treatment of acne adolescent includes a diet high in natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. These high-fibre foods help to clean the body of toxic substances which enhance the excretion and provide the body with essential nutrients to strengthen the immune system. A study on the diet of the tribal people eat a lot of natural foods such as fruits and vegetables have no cases of acne while Western diet with foods rich in fat and high sugar content increases the occurrence of acne.Choose cosmetics that are non-oily and always remove make-up before bedtime. Avoid using excessive makeup. Hot soapy water can be used as a daily skin care routine.Acne creams and gel used on the face may not treat the root of the problem. When acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance, it is preferable to modify the diet by controlling what you eat; drink enough water to about 2 litres per day to eliminate harmful toxins and a healthier excretory system; and gaining an average of 8 hours of rest and sleep a day. Talk to your doctor about what is the best treatment for you, but we know that help is available for this condition.