11 April 2011

How To Treat Astigmatism And Improve Your Quality Of Life

Have you vision blurry or distorted one or both of your eyes? Headaches may be chronic, sensitivity to light, the eye and even the eye squints strains? If so, you can suffer eye condition called "astigmatism." It is a medical term used to blurred vision caused by misshapen cornea. In a normal eye, the cornea is symmetrically curved and shaped like a baseball ball, while in an astigmatic eye shape of the cornea is oval. There are two types of astigmatism. One is called "corneal astigmatism" caused by a deformed cornea, and the other is "lenticular astigmatism" caused by a form distorted lens.How to diagnose astigmatismTo receive correct diagnosis, you will need to consult an ophthalmologist or optometrist to thoroughly examine your eyes. Your ophthalmologist can use tools to diagnose your condition, such as the Visual test to read the letters on a chart. If you see them letters becoming smaller on each line of your optician could suspect astigmatism. The graph of astigmatic dial will show a series of semi-circle lines that should see the lines clearly if you are diagnosed as astigmatic is another tool. An OPHTHALMOMETER is also a tool used to determine the degree of astigmatism in your eyes by measuring the reflection of an image on the surface of the cornea.Treatments for AstigmatismIf you are diagnosed with astigmatism, you have the following options to choose from to treat your ocular condition. Your ophthalmologist will also recommend the best treatment for your type of astigmatism depending on the severity and lifestyle factors.Corrective glasses or contact lenses are more used to treat astigmatism by rays of light coming from bending so images will be well received by the retina. However, the glasses are not a permanent cure for astigmatism. You may need to wear glasses with stronger requirements each year.Eye laser (PRK, LASEK and LASIK) surgery is another way of treating astigmatism. In this type of surgery, cornea epithelium is removed to correct the shape of the cornea and then new placed on the modified surface. The process can be a little inconvenient and painful but also expensive. However, it can cure your astigmatism if permanently fact correctly.You also have the possibility to treat astigmatism of the eye exercises and therapy where you will learn how to improve their visual skills. Vision therapy is also an effective option to treat astigmatism and even other problems such as (myopia) myopia and hyperopia (farsightedness) in addition to presbyopia (age blur) without having to undergo expensive surgery or wearing glasses.You can also try Chinese acupuncture as an another natural cure for astigmatism. According to Chinese practitioners of acupuncture, most vision disorders are due to malfunction of the liver. With acupuncture, the objective would be to strengthen the liver and to restore the balance of the body. Stress can also aggravate the astigmatism. With the treatment of acupuncture, stress can also be relieved.