11 April 2011

Improve Your Contact Lens Wear - 5 Top Tips to Help You Get Clear and Comfortable Contact Lens Use

I remember way back, when my contact lens patients would happen in my consulting room, having had the same pair of lenses of contact for the past 12 ~ 18 months and wondered why lenses felt "gritty", "dry" and "Misty". Often, my answer would be that lenses had reached the end where in some cases, it exceeded their natural life. Course, lentils do "live effectively" as such, but an old contact lens would produce the problems mentioned above due to protein deposits on the surface of the lens, which would also limit the amount of oxygen-rich air to pass to the corneacausing damage to the health of the cornea patients unseen (to the naked eye). Fortunately, times have changed, with availability and, more importantly, efforts of the manufacturer to create contact lenses which maintain comfort and daily health more wear times.This, my first of many articles will highlight that carry parts of old and new alike contact lenses, benefit from some very easy, and yet precious can advise on obtaining most of their contact lenseseither two daily weekly or monthly disposable products. Then sit back and take in my top 5 tips on improving these little clarity lovely bundles!First, make sure that your first visit to your optician, you give the Contact lens optician as much information as possible lifestyle, for example, if you work in a hot air environment conditioning, let professional know-how, because this will determine the type of contact that will be provided for your trial lenses. If your visit is for a systematic follow-up appointment and your port times / environment or drugs (if you have changed in any way, the specialist will be able to use a more appropriate material to help combat the problems of comfort that you may experience.Never overwear your brand of contact lenses. By this I mean not just on times daily (or wear of the night), if your using an extended wear contact lens but the use of the time, i.e wearing a daily disposable more than once or to try to get this extra day of your monthly disposable products. Known these names for a reason that you know!If your contact lenses are reusable, and then use the solution that your professional of chest physiotherapy has recommended and not swap-mix brands before seeking your optician advise that some solutions is perhaps not suited for your type of contact lens or even for youespecially if you have a history of allergies.Have you considered additional comfort drops to help keep your humidity of contact lenses for the duration of your time port? This is a great way to help keep your comfortable contact lenses, clear and pleasant to wear! Brands such as "Optifree Rewetting drops of the Alcon" or "Blink of AMO" are a good thing, but make sure that drops said in statements that they are unsuitable for the use of the soft contact lens.Finally, you may have been a particular brand of lenses of contact for a period of time without experiencing the new breed of Silicone Hydrogel materials. "What is that?" you're probably thinking. Well, Silicone has existed for some time, originally in the 1970s, but there were problems with the first prototypes and they were dropped for Hydrogel (waterbound polymers). High water content hydrogels have been regarded as the saviour of the port since long time, but we eventually realized that they had too much it own set of problems, not least the fact that they made the eyes of very dry bearer, therefore after years of research Bausch & Lomb released the first Silicone Hydrogel of lens called "purevision". It was great, that we had a lens which breathed almost 4 times more air through the cornea than that of a lens of standard Hydrogel, without drying factor, because the element of silicone.Today, all major manufacturers have adopted Silicone Hydrogel as use equipment, then my final tip is to try one of these new breed of lens, such as the Airoptix Aqua de VisiĆ³n range, range of Coopervision BiofinityBausch & Lomb's Purevision or Johnson and Johnson Oasys/advance/Trueye. They are really comfortable, they reduce the symptoms of the eye dry, port times are higher and in some cases can even be worn during the night (check that you are suitable with your professional of chest physiotherapy has everything)