17 April 2011

The Modern Day Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is a famous method of therapeutic massage which originated in the ancient Egypt, in Colombia-British 2330. This type of massage therapy has been transmitted to the various countries by conquer the country in the early days and was subsequently developed in what we have now, technical modern times of reflexology.Basically, reflexology objective on strengthening our body self ability of healing by unblock energy pathways to restart the healing process. Unlike other types of therapies from massage which works everywhere in the different areas of the patient's body, reflexology is limited only on the hands and feet. However, this limitation is in fact almost all parts of the body as the different key points correspond with the many different parts of the body.Modern reflexology is in fact the same as with ancient techniques, however some developments and additional medical findings have been added to make it even more effective in improving the State of health of the patient. Most of the use of thumbs, fingers and hand techniques are similar with the other, although there are slight improvements on modern. It is really important that they use as all these developments have the same goal which is to make the best patient's life.The benefits of reflexology are the same on each development different, as they all are designed to: improve the blood circulation - studies have been this regular patient reflexology massage helps improve blood circulation to the different part of the body as feet, brain, kidneys and intestines.Relaxes the whole body - egg brain activity shows and proves that reflexology calm and affects the conditions of the human body as soon as the massage therapist, and begins to put pressure on the hands and feet of the patient. The ongoing work on the reflex zones on the tension of muscle releases hands and feet as well which in turn relaxes and removes the rigidity everywhere in the body of the patient, he of moderation.Reduces pain - it is obvious to most of studies regarding the use of reflexology on patients with bodily pain. The regular processing and handling the key points or the reflex zones contribute significantly to the reduction of pain in the body of the patient.Improves mental health - regular reflex massage improves the mental well-being of the patient as evident on studies of reflexology concerning mental health.Generally, reflexology is used as a form of natural medicine method to relieve the stress of our body on an exhausting day. It helps a lot in the reduction of any type of stress that can affect our physical and mental health if left untreated. Most people ignore or give less weight to the fact that more physical and mental problems are the result of a stressful lifestyle. Reflexology is also used to help pregnant women by facilitating the pregnancy, childbirth and effects after childbirth. However, consultation with the doctor before embarking on this alternative medical care is important for the patient to know if there is no complications or problems resulting from this method.