17 April 2011

The Use Of Essential Oils on Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy massage is the type of therapeutic massage uses essential oils as a medium instead of light oil or lotion to the skin of the patient. These scented oils have various curative properties which, once used adds to stimulate the resumption of healing the patient. Also, they affect the emotional state of the patient and are commonly used to manoeuvre the mood for a healthy emotional disorder.The different types of essential oils are necessary in the calming, energizing, inspiring and de-bottlenecking of the body and the emotions of the patient. These scented oils have been used by the ancient people as their main method of healing for a long time. We use them today, not only as drugs, but also as a natural sedative to help many especially after a stress on the working week.In addition to being a way for a therapeutic massage using essential oils on the skin of the patient is also claimed to have effects on wound healing as well as to improve the health of the skin and hair. It is said that the skin absorbs oil naturally without negative effect at all even if they are very volatile and concentrated in nature. These excerpts are from herbal plants using the process of steam, treatment of cold and expansion of water distillation.Perhaps you wonder how these fragrant oils to work miracles on the patient's body, he is due to the process of the brain receiving messages transmitted by the nostril through the limbic system it say which fragrant molecules are collected in the air. These passes, then the brain to the other vital parts of the body which in turn leads to positive effects such as affecting the nervous system and hormones function properly. Experience of good health massage and stress free feeling then expected after an aromatherapy.Before a session of aromatherapy massage, you can choose your favorite of essential oils to be used on you during treatment of therapeutic massage. You can play with your choices which are fun and educational, as you know, what are their curative properties and that they can perfectly be combined essential oils.Aromatherapy massage is used on many variety of condition which includes the stress, bruises, allergies, diarrhea, burns, headaches, insomnia, colds, flu, sprains, injuries (never on open wounds), and many others. Essential oils are very promising in such conditions of healing. What more if you add the benefits that you get to have a good massage with these add-on scented healing oils.If you are on a tight budget or a calendar that allow you or give you the freedom to have a massage at the spa aromatherapy, it is not necessary to obtain upset as you always do at home. There are several essential oils on the market and the only thing that is left so that you can do is to know which is practical and useful to your lifestyle. Do not use synthetic oils as they are not natural as essential oils.