21 April 2011

Natural Acne Treatment - 4 Effective and Natural Ways to Remove Acne Scars

In this article, I will share with you some acne treatments natural I tried personally before. And hope that this information will be useful for you.As you can already now, I used to be a victim of acne. Acne on my face made me feel horrible on me and has lost me confidence in itself. I spent lots of money and research efforts, the purchase and try all difficult types of products and methods of treatment. Some are natural acne treatments. Some are not. My conclusion is that, for the effects in the short term, of prescription acne creams or antibiotics are effective and necessary. However, you must simultaneously apply for results natural acne treatments in the long term.Here are 4 effective tips, that I recommend. Do these 4 things constantly and you will see lasting effects.Tip # 1: Reducing the consumption of sugar.You are what you eat. Sugar intake too heavy night indeed for your health and your skin. Skin tends to produce more oil if you take too much sugar. Excess oils are the root cause of acne forming spikes white/blackheads and finish by become scars of acne otherwise well treatment. I know, that it is not easy to change your eating habits, especially for those who love eating deserts. But you should at least try to reduce the amount or frequency of the supply of sugar. The good thing is that as soon as you start to do this, you will feel the difference quite rapidly - in a few weeks or even days.Tip # 2: Get plenty of vitamin c and the water. You must drink plenty of water to the Detox yourself and accelerate the process of regeneration of your skin. It is more important for girls than boys as generally girls skin needs more water. Taking enough vitamin c is also crucial because it is a key element to the process of skin repair. Vitamin c is available in fruit such as apples and oranges. Eat more fruit on a daily basis will provide you sufficient vitamin c and also you help reduce the sugar intake by eating less starch such as rice or bread. Tables of vitamin c are also recommended as a supplement, which are available in convenient store.Tip # 3: Lemon for use on the PimpleRich vitamin C, lemon is one of the most effective natural acne treatment. You need is a fresh lemon. Slice it into small pieces and then rub a piece of lemon on the bud. Let the juice soak for about 20-30 minutes and wait for another 20 - 30 minutes for it to dry on your skin (based on your own skin condition, please be flexible). Then rinse with warm water to remove the sticky nature. Lemon is effective and natural acne because its citric acid-100% natural, which when dried may have an antibacterial effect. Lemon also helps strengthen your skin.Tip # 4: Use Tea Tree OilNot known by most people, tea tree oil is one of the most natural and most effective treatment for acne. Most of the time, you can find sold in small bottles in your convenient store nearby tea tree oil. Tea tree oil kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. To use tea tree oil, wash your face thoroughly and patting it dry. Apply oil of tea tree directly on the skin where the acnes are developed. It helps to reduce the size of the bud / acne and accelerate the healing process. Tea tree oil also help you feel comfortable skin, therefore, do not hesitate to apply to other areas of the skin.Bear in mind that all above 4 natural acne treatments do not your acne disappear overnight. It takes time for your see the effects. In my personal experience, if you persistently, you will see long-term effects. While applying creams or simply eat antibiotics are more as a short-term solution. I suggest that you use both treatments in the short term and long term for maximum results.For more tips and proven techniques for the treatment of natural acne, visit of acne scars fade.