19 April 2011

Natural Immunity Versus Acquired Immunity (Through Vaccines)

Diseases infectious infant gift the body with a natural immunity that vaccines intended to cause artificially, but in vain.The fact is that us are attacked by pathogens - bacteria, virus, amoebae, etc. - every day, but not succumbing to infectious diseases that these germs are supposed to produce. It is only because the immune system and other natural filters which constantly and relentlessly kill and remove debris and non-beneficial microbes every day of our lives.Individuals whose immune system has been compromised, and who are unable to keep their own entrails require an invasion and proliferation of germs to help detoxify their body for them.The immune system consists primarily of white blood cells, antibodies and the lymphatic system. Lymph and white blood cells circulate throughout our organs, tissues and cells while simultaneously of cleaning debris cellular, toxins and naturalization of pathogens on the way.This is not everything. The immune system is beautifully layers and operates at various levels. It is also composed of various lines of defence that a pathogen must meet so that it can deal effectively with the pathogen. In other words, the body uses several filters while screening of pathogens to ensure that everything that is harmful dies before she can cause an infection, except, of course, infection becomes justified and allows it to the body.What are these different "filters"? Mucus already mentioned lining along the orifices of the body, saliva protects against germs and our skin serves as armor for our internal organs. The liver is the supreme body and purification filter and purifies the blood of all types of toxic waste, including chemicals and by-products of the drug as the blood passes through the organ.Then there is the excretory organs such as kidneys and the large intestine and entrails to dispose of solid waste. When you breathe the air that you breathe out contains too cellular waste as your sweating.The fact is that, to create real and natural immunity to the disease, a pathogen should cause the response inflammatory and immune complete. It's a complex answer that resonates throughout all complex immune system of the body. When this occurs naturally, the body acquires a permanent immunity to a particular germ.But to do this, the pathogen must pass through natural means, from the outside to the inside. For example, the pathogen must pass respiratory or through saliva or skin, and then to the other bodies involved in filtering such as membranes of mucus, thymus, liver and spleen.Vaccines do not. Instead, they completely bypass the outside in-process by being injected directly, and not to provoke the immune response full.By injecting a live but attenuated virus, pieces of a virus or dead virus, vaccine fool the immune system by releasing antibodies against a particular pathogen. This shortcut, as it were, is what theory of vaccine is based on and is seriously flawed.For example, it was discovered later that the immune system is composed of two parts. When a party is active, it removes the other party and vice versa. Artificially stimulate a part of the system to produce antibodies abnormally inhibited the other part of the system and therefore throws the immunological response of gear.One of the main impact of this is that the body has sometimes begins to produce antibodies that attack its own cells, thus creating an autoimmune disease. At least this is the theory behind these autoimmune disorders; but I will offer a slightly different explanation below. The body that is affected depends on what tissues are attacked by antibodies.For example, when the brain and spinal cord are attacked, the individual develops encephalitis vaccine-induced. This leads in turn to a number of diseases, including the Guillain-Barr Syndrome and other neurological diseases often manifests itself in behavioral symptoms.It is a pure coincidence in the incidence of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, disorder brain minimum, autism and subacute lupus erythematosus has increased dramatically as the medical institution recommends multiple-vaccine immunization?Indeed there are other factors that cause autoimmune diseases, but some researchers are unequivocal that vaccines are also responsible. In my view, it is not the Antigen itself, but the by