19 April 2011

What Is Congestion, Obstruction or a Blockage?

All diseases or symptoms of the disease are caused by obstruction any. For example, a capillary blood that is blocked is no longer a can provide vital oxygen and nutrients to a group of cells, it is responsible for providing. To survive, these cells will have to implement survival measures. Of course, many of the cells suffer will not live through the "famine" and will simply die off the coast.Still other more resilient cells will adapt to the adverse situation through the process of mutation of the cell and learn how to use trapped metabolic waste products, such as lactic acid, to cover their energy needs. These cells can be compared to a man in the desert, fault of water, relying on his own urine to live a little longer that he would otherwise have to drink.Cell mutation leading to cancer is only the body of the ultimate attempt to help prevent its immediate demise septic poisoning and organ structure collapsing. Although that practice, it is far-fetched to call the normal response of the body to the accumulation of matter of toxic waste and decomposition of cells hardware disease.Unfortunately, ignorance of the true nature of the Organization has caused many to believe that this survival mechanism is an "autoimmune disease". The word "autoimmune" suggests that the body attempts to address and virtually tries to commit suicide. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cancerous tumors arise from major congestion in connective tissue, the walls of blood vessels and the lymph ducts, which prevents healthy cells receive enough oxygen and other essential nutrients.Other, more apparent obstruction can disrupt your well-being as well. A large constipated bowel prevents the body eliminate waste contained in the feces. The holding of faeces in the lower parts of the intestinal tract leads to a toxic environment in the colon and, if the situation is not resolved in the body.Kidney infection and kidney failure can occur in response to the accumulation of stones calcified or kidney fat deposits, which impedes the flow of urine in the kidneys or bladder. The accumulation of these mineral deposits in the urinary system can lead to fluid retention, weight gain and dozens of symptoms of the disease.If the issue of toxic waste acid accumulates in the chest and lungs, the body reacts with the secretions of mucus to trap these harmful substances. Accordingly, the passages of air in your lungs became congested, and that you literally run out of breath. If your organization is already highly toxic and congested, you may even develop a pulmonary infection. Pulmonary infections occur to help destroy and remove any damaged, low lung cells that would otherwise be begin decomposing or have already been decomposed (pus formation).Pulmonary congestion prevents the natural elimination of weak or damaged cells. If congestion is not settled by natural means, or if it increases further through poor eating habits, pus will be locked in the lung tissue. Naturally, destructive bacteria more complete the scene to help the body to his effort desperate to clarify this area congested, which includes the decomposition of cells and other waste products. Doctors call this survival mechanism "Staphylococcus", or pneumonia.