02 April 2011

Permanent Weight Loss - Finding The Motivation

To achieve permanent weight loss requires three main factors which can come to you. No one can give them to you or sell you. They have come to the breast.The first requirement is the motivation.This means motivation real, not only to research in the mirror and wishing that you were 50 lighter dress lb or 3 smaller sizes. This means that the real motivation which will make you start your healthy eating plan and stay with it and tides, through all the ups and downs that will occur naturally as you travel along the road to weight loss permanent.So where do you this motivation? That I can't answer for you. It must be a determination that comes from your mind.With me personally it occurred when I was 15 years and approximately 50 lbs on my ideal weight. I had tried several diets without success for years until one day a man with only on a job Saturday morning, I was told me: "you will never have a friend that resembles what you know."These small ten words were enough, after so much disappointment and discouragement with weight loss, finally, I found my motivation. Maybe this sounds little deep to me but at this age or capricieux girls began to be important for me, I had never had a girlfriend and the idea of never be normal, of never having a girlfriendshocked me so that I immediately started a healthy eating plan.It was hard work but I was motivated like never before and therefore determined to succeed and in less than 4 months, I throw these 50 lbs and got a nice friend to start.Regardless of where the motivation comes or which words are used which are the key for you, for this is that you have the motivation, without it you will not succeed.The following condition is determinationThis is intertwined with the motivation for one will be the driving force of the other. You must be determined to see through. It is not easy and you suffer and think to abandon. This happens when you need to push these negative thought recall the words which have motivated you and your mind. Stick with it. Certainly, it may sometimes be unpleasant, but results far beyond the pain that you have.As you are weight loss that you start to feel good in her skin, see you the changes in your body, you start to buy clothes that are small in size, you start to like how look you in the mirror, you have more energy and force and thirst for life. He is all things to enjoy and savour. You are not only losing the weight that you change your life and it will be never the same once more. Self hate and contempt for self-esteem, depression and feelings of inferiority or inadequacy will become things of the past. You'll become reborn, but not as a child of new-born who is not aware, you will go through a metamorphosis into a new being, but with all the knowledge of what was an overweight and you carry with you all days the joy of how it feels like slimto be the exact weight for you, to be of the form and health.The excitement you feel is indescribable.Finally, you need resilience.You need the power to stick to your healthy eating plan, to continue to exercise regularly. You will do this not only to maintain your weight loss, but also because now you can enjoy what you eat and you will be exercise because it makes feel you good. Certainly it will there be occasions when you will eat junk food, which is only normal, everyone does from time to time, but you will not do not everyday because junk food does not make you feel good. A healthy eating plan makes you feel good inside and outside, and you will have no problem with paste with it.I got my ideal weight 37 years ago and I have always had to keep a spirit about what I eat and how I exercise to maintain this weight loss. There were moments where I put a few books, sometimes 7 lbs, and sometimes a little more, but it remains on long because once you have reached your ideal weight you will never again be an excess of weight and therefore haul you yourself and say, "Hey, I have to lose a few pounds." Once you have the key to weight loss, and then lose it becomes so simple.Permanent weight loss is feasible for all you just need to enter the game of good spirit: Motivation, determination and resilience.