02 April 2011

The Weight Loss Potion

You've probably heard before that you should drink plenty of water every day. Perhaps you did not believe, but drinking water will help you lose weight. If you are doing your exercises and eating right and does still see does not the results you want. It may be that your body is dehydrated.Inside of your body, you have different forms of metabolism in progress, but one of the more important when you want to lose weight is the metabolism of fats. And this is something that the liver. It supports FAT and converts it into energy.But if you do not drink enough water your kidneys may not work correctly, which means that the liver has to do the work of kidneys also. And, when it is the case the liver will not be metabolize fat as quickly as it should.Drinking water will stimulate your metabolism and make your muscles and organs function more effectively. In fact a well hydrated body can help your metabolism burn calories up to 3% faster. And when you are hydrated you you feel much more energetic.Eight glasses a day MinimumEight drinks a day is the minimum water consumption that you have. And well heard if you train very hard or live in a very area it's very hot you need of course drink water even more.You think perhaps eight glasses of water a day is great, but it is not really. Try to have the water with you all the time, if you work in an Office, try to get a bottle of water on the table, all the time. And take the bottle of water with you in your car and home, so you can always sip on the water.If you start to get thirsty you do not have enough water. You should drink before you start feeling thirst, because when you feel thirsty your body is already beginning to get dehydrated. If you should ever feel thirst in a day.Sensation of hunger? Drinking water!It may sound strange, but the thing is that if you feel hungry, it may be just because you did not have enough water this day here. Because the body reacts similarly when you've not eaten and when you haven' had enough water.So when you begin to feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water (instead of enter a snack or a sandwich) and see if this helps. A lot of the time, that is the case. And if you think that you are hungry and start to eat, while he was really that you were just low on the water, you will take the weight.Stefan EdlundPropriétaire of howtolosequickweight.com