21 April 2011

Say Goodbye To Mainstream Acne Treatments! Clear Acne Naturally With These Household Items

Say goodbye to integrate treatment of acne indeed! You really must not break the Bank just to buy products that claim to clear acne naturally. You can do so directly from your own home using things that you can find in your own home. Clear acne naturally with these households simple points: 1. baking soda - if you are fan of cooking, then chances are that you have a stock of nice, enough baking soda in your own kitchen. Use baking soda as scrub facial. You can clear the acne naturally in this way. Baking soda can help to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells. Baking soda can also lead to the pores.2 of your skin. Apple Cider vinegar - clear acne naturally with this type of vinegar. That you just do is dilute vinegar by mixing eight parts of water to a part of vinegar. Then, with the use of a cotton ball, apply this on your face. Let rest for about 10 minutes. Don't forget to wash your face really well and use a towel.3 clean and dry. Lemon juice or lime - if you do not have Apple Cider vinegar, you can use the juice of lemon or lime juice instead. Do the same thing you would do if you had Apple Cider vinegar. You can clear the acne naturally with the use of lemon juice or lime because not only these exfoliate the skin well, it may also target the bacteria that cause the formation of acne.4. Whites of eggs - who knew an egg can be useful in your quest to clear acne naturally? All break an egg, separate the egg whites and then apply the white of egg directly on your face, giving more importance to the area where there is acne. Leave on your face for about 15 minutes. The whites of eggs were absorbing the great power that can help clear acne naturally.5. Flour oats and honey - breakfast of champions is an excellent tool for combat acne! Just mix raw (or cooked oatmeal) oatmeal if you like with honey. Mix them together. Place the mixture resulting directly on your face. Let rest for a few hours - during the night, if possible. The treat as your own oatmeal and honey facial mask. Once rinse you off the coast of your face, you can feel immediately tighten your skin and you can feel the flexibility of your skin.