19 April 2011

The Unique Challenges Facing Medical Marijuana Sellers and Users

Like any other business, the owners of clinics medical marijuana are facing many challenges to their business off the ground. Unlike more traditional establishments, these entrepreneurs deal often with greater difficulties in obtaining necessary business negative opinion public services and handling.In the case of ultimate NIMBY - step in my garden - clinics of medical marijuana bad for providers of leases in the regions most uncomfortable and find themselves relegated to less desirable locations, increasing their likelihood to burglaries and theft. People want medical marijuana to be available for patients with map, but they do not want to have stores in their neighbourhoods.Two recent incidents of burglaries occur AnywhereIn the motivation remained the same - obtaining marijuana. A dispensary in Colorado Springs had his dumpster robbed several times in recent days. Thieves used bolt cutters to open the trash receptacle in the hope of finding debris of marijuana. Trash was left on the nearby trails and parks.At Langley, a man who grew medical marijuana legally to his home opened its door to help two men claiming to have the difficulty of the car. They grow in his house, brandi a knife and guns, he tied up and blindfolded him and then fly home and cut his marijuana plants. They left, stealing his two vehicles.Legitimate Business Services could help EntrepreneursWhile it is not a large part of banks or merchant account providers could make to national producers, clinics, get the same scale of business services available to other companies would reduce the attractiveness of these showcases for thieves and small thieves. Apart from the attraction of marijuana on the premises, it is often the availability of so untraceable cash, which makes it so attractive MMP clinics.Owners have found that when they are able to process transactions by credit card, customers prefer to pay in this way. With little money in hand, the vulnerability of a location decreases considerably.The problems behind the provision of those services lies in the fact that, although some State Governments are legally the sale of medical marijuana card carrying individuals, the Federal Government did not accept marijuana as a matter of State. On the federal level pot remains illegal and banks are dependent on the FDIC to ensure their account holders and are required to respect the many federal regulations.What the future?There is really no way to predict how the struggle to fully legalize marijuana will go. Some cities which has already approved the sale of MMP attempt to return; others are designed to improve service and availability. The best example of such a situation is historically the solidarity of alcohol after the ban. Crimes surrounding the sale has dropped significantly.In view of the potential tax base, it is not difficult to see why the Federal Government and States would be interested in completely legalize the MMP. For business owners, which would signal the availability of all services necessary businesses, a very welcome change.