21 April 2011

Skin Care: 8 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Acne Without Prescription Drugs and Products

So, what causes acne? Acne occurs when there is a build up of cells of dead skin or something (ie.) (Oil, dirt and dust) in follicles (tiny little channels which is connected to your pores and glands) on your skin that interacts with bacteria producing a bud, whitehead or a black head. If not properly treated, Acne can leave skin permanent scars that can lead to lower self-confidence and self-esteem.In a healthy lifestyle and diet, it is therefore important that we have and to ensure that we maintain healthy skin. Therefore, I have listed the 8 simple and very effective means to improve the appearance of your skin and reduce your risk of risk of acne and pimples.1. Wash your face twice a dayWashing your face twice a day to get rid of all the bacteria, grime, oil and dirt that you have collected throughout the day. Washing gently once in the morning, and once again the night to ensure that your skin is free from dust, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria which will reduce the possibility of clogging. However, the reason why I suggested that wash twice daily is that it is not really a good thing for washing your face too. Washing your face excessively may actually band your face of its natural oils which could lead to more skin dry and more low that your skin gets dehydrated.When washing your face, use warm water, as the hot water can remove your skin off the coast of its important nutrients. Make sure you you pat dry your face and use a mild soap for cleaning to help prevent escapes. I recommend finding a cleaner more soft which would not deprive the skin of its natural moisturizers.2. Reduce your stress levelsStudies showed a strong correlation between the levels of stress and the level of risk of acne and spots. This is because when we are stressed, our bodies undergoes a chemical reaction to produce hormones of stress which consequently produces more oils. This oil, called seburn, is produced by the glands of the face in the hair follicles will rise the follicle channel and bring with it, dead skin cells. Once the oil reaches the surface, it forms a protective layer, effectively sealing in the dead skin cells, blocking the pores and the creation of workshops.Thus, it is important to reduce stress to prevent acne problems. However, with delays, social obligations, work commitments, projects, etc., reducing stress is naturally not something easy to do. This is why it is important to learn to live a balanced lifestyle and have a balanced diet to try and maximize your potential for more stressful lives. A good idea is to find out more about how to increase your energy naturally levels, so you can get more of your day and how to eat right.3. Reduce the amount of time that you touch your face. I know it sounds ridiculously easy and incredibly stupid. But many of us do not realize that we touch our faces much. Play us with our ears, rubbing the eyes, lean our chin/cheeks against our hands, etc. and it is probably one of the most difficult thing of not! The problem of touching your face is that the surface of your hands contains many bacteria and you have come into contact with things on the day the day. Look you for bacteria each time you open the door, shake hands, touch your computer, handle money, pay for food, etc. Therefore, your hands are the source of dirt, oil, bacteria and viruses even higher. Once these things come in contact with your face, they begin to cluttering your pores or irritate the skin which can lead to a bud development.Therefore, make sure that you wash hands throughout the day, especially before you are about to touch consciously your face (ie. to apply the make-up). You can reduce the build up of bacteria, dirt and grease and, therefore, the possibility of bud breakouts.4. Review is your make up the thing about makeup: it causes no workshops... but it is not really help in preventing them of either. To reduce the possibility of escapes, try ranging from free oil and organic makeup that are free of additives which may irritate sensitive skin. However, if you think that your current selection brand makeup is not too cause you chagri