02 April 2011

Type 2 diabetes: If you receive a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes you will have less time on this planet?

Being a diagnosis of diabetes type 2 may be a test very afraid. According to the US Centers For Disease Control, it can cut off the coast of your life expectancy of 15 years. Some people seem to take solace in the fact that they are not alone. In fact, more than 285 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide and it is to expected to double over the next 20 years. I personally find this statistic as scary as being the disease diagnosed myself.

Diabetes is such common disease of our days, doctors and nurses can be rather insensitive sometimes when they give you the bad news. When I learned, I asked on a hospital bed, and a doctor walked in and after having spoken with me on the main reason why I was there, he said almost a little later that he was about to leave the room, "" oh... uh... you have diabetes, you know? "" Then he me he left to deal with the impact of this new single. In hindsight, I know that it was not intentionally insensitive. It is a very busy and I am sure that many patients to attend to the but it made me feel really ugly being left there alone to reflect on what meant this diagnosis. Now is a total surprise because type diabetes runs in my family, but it is still dragged on me. I remember one of the first thoughts I had: I will now live a normal life span. Just for a moment, thinking that my life would now be shorter than normal terrified me. Then I went quickly in a mode of self-protection which has transformed into a period of denial.

When something that may take 15 years or offshore your life suddenly more you gifles just smack in the face, most people are really beginning to inventory in their lives. It puts them in a more sentimental atmosphere. They begin to focus on things that have a real meaning. Think more immediately family of course. They wonder if they will see their grandchildren grow up. They start to really notice the beautiful things in the world as the sunsets and that wonderful smell when it rains. They enjoy the taste of good food. Making love and holding just their partner takes a much deeper meaning. They begin to appreciate any more and that they realize how much they want to live longer.

However, here is the problem. If you follow the traditional medical community standard boards, on average your life expectancy will be substantially shorter than someone who does not type 2 diabetes. This is the sad reality that deal with 285 million people in the world. The traditional medical community will take "manage you" the symptoms of your illness. However, they do you have anything to cure your illness. They you'll prick your finger all a few hours and then take different medications that often have your blood sugar go on a rollercoaster tour. Basically, you become a servant under contract to your illness that you try to "control", but even if you do all that they say, on average, you will lose even a decade and a half of your life.

After my period of denial, I went into a serious search mode (I'm a scientist in training). I started to read everything that I could get my hands on and I really watch criticism. My final conclusion was that the traditional medical community standard boards do not work. It does not diabetes cure, it is not live you longer, and it actually lowers your quality of life. It is because they deal with the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause of the disease, so it keeps just progressively worse as the patient struggles more difficult and more difficult to manage the symptoms it intensifies.

Now, after all this bad new, I have some good news - in fact, I have great news. I discovered in my research that there were people who had mastered their diabetes - completely healed, not just "run" it, and they actually had a better quality of life previously, they were diagnosed with diabetes! Although there are some variations in the way they did, I started noticed some similarities in each method of curing diabetes. I also noticed that people that treat their own diabetes have a common feature.

They all support their personal illness. They do not accept that their physician or any other person said blindly. They ask many questions. They dig deep. They ensure sensible things. They get good information from the world of alternative medicine, and then they support their own illness. I decided to follow in their footsteps. I can be very very TĂȘtu sometimes and stubbornly refused no matter what my doctor said that I could not cure diabetes when there is evidence there could in fact be corrected (and I changed doctors and now have a very favourable to my objective doctor). I am very proud to say that I have cured my diabetes and I am very confident that I've added years to my natural life expectancy. I think it is a question of attitude and approach and I encourage other people with diabetes to do and I did. Western medicine did not have all the answers, and certainly not seem to have the best response to this widespread disease.

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