11 April 2011

Wearing Eyeglasses: Then and Now

You would think that people have tried to resolve their optical problems with the first civilizations of China and the Mediterranean?At this time, people would use such things as a globe, a glass filled with water or an emerald to correct vision; or the flat parts of quartz smoky, to protect the eyes from glare that acted as sunglasses. People in this era, even the practice of using lenses of glass mounted on wood, copper or lead heavy frameworks.When Roger Bacon made the first recorded reference magnifying lenses in 1262, the word was suddenly and the race was on the invention of the best optical options for who are not perfect view. Well, it is only in the 18th century that man began to produce the option more convenient and comfortable frames fitted with prescription lenses for those who need Visual aid.Today, the glasses are what people wear to correct their vision and the industry has evolved to a point such that frames are available in all colours imaginable, almost every shape and style that you could think of and in a multitude of materials suited to different needs and lifestyles.You will find retro styles, styles without frame, hawksbill turtle coloring, brilliant and sexy Red, black thick geek-chic - to name a few. You also have the specific option of choice for men or women. The glasses are made of clear glass or Crystal of rock or plastic which is on the ground to address the problem of the specific eye. Concave glass is used for short-sightedness, so that the light rays are various. Convex lenses are used for hyperopia, so that the light is converged. Astigmatism is corrected by cylindrical lenses.Unfortunately, for many years, the business of production and sales of glasses was monopolized and one could only buy glasses to an optometrist or store that sold at prices exorbitant and in turn, received bribes from the manufacturers. For this reason, glasses have a reputation for being expensive and therefore, people often sees them as a luxury; Despite the fact that perfect view improves the ability to enjoy life and beauty to the maximum.It took some time, but finally, times have changed and the world eyewear and optimal are available for everyone at affordable prices.As the Internet took hold of world trade, glasses followed suite. Now, you can find online of the glasses that are marked at a lower price than the same glasses found in retail stores. In addition, there are hundreds of options and you can take your time to make your choice, that there are no damned shop assistants or stressful time constraints. It's just that you and your computer, whenever you choose Start the shopping experience.You will feel that the purchase of glasses through the web is a complicated process, but with the inclusion of a virtual mirror, the task of selecting your new specs has never been more simple. By downloading a photo of the head and shoulders, give you the opportunity to try on hundreds of different styles of sunglasses, and then compare them to find the most "YOU." You can even send your options on the parents and friends for their opinions.Really was a revolution of glasses and that times have changed, the convenience and comfort improved to choose a pair of frames a pleasant experience. Start looking for glasses online.