11 April 2011

Which Is Better - Contact Lenses or Glasses?

Contact lenses or glasses, which is better? The debate has been on during some time now. While some people simply hate contact lenses only because they didn't like the thought "put their finger in their eye", there are others who depart that they feel that contact lenses do not restrict the vision of the rim of the glasses. For some, it was all simply not comfortable to put on contacts and irritation it caused if any foreign body lodged in the eye.While sunglasses exist for a long time now, it has been around since the 8th century b.c. where there is some type of lens that has been used by those who had some problems with vision. In the 1st century BC, there is documented evidence that Emerald have used their magnifying properties. When there is restriction of vision, it is difficult to think of the effort which must be put in just to see what awaits us. People still have that glasses to restricted vision of a person but lenses do not restrict vision.Earlier, the frames are enormous and that was in fact better than the vision has not been limited. For example, the search only in different directions, turn left or right, has been a problem.It is that peripheral vision was bad. Today peripheral vision with glasses is considered no longer a luxury. These days things have changed and more people opt for the smaller lenses and it is even more restrictive in nature. According to the times, as glasses become smaller seeing surface is smaller too. With these small frames, most people are obliged to look forward or straight ahead.Contact lenses make a person feel that they have no difficulty with their vision as often people feel their and the same, they forget that they wear their. Others do not appear to their opinion, unless they study very closely. Contacts come as a boon for many, as it opened new avenues for them. These rests easy on the eye and can be seen all around them without any restriction of vision. Can look at the left, right, up, down and all autour. It is something that can be done with glasses.The only difference with contacts is that it must rest on the eye directly. However, things change in the scenario of contact lenses. Now the contact lens industry is developing contacts that could be worn for a month without problem and without take-off. This means that one could sleep, eat, play and work etc. while keeping their. This would also erasing the vision of the mind problem.However, as with any other these too have their set of pros and cons. Contacts are unable to fix short or hyperopia and astigmatism also.