17 April 2011

What Are the Common Types of Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the medical art to use various features of massage on different parts of the human body for condition it and increase its ability to cure. Most of these methods is similar between them in most of their techniques, while some methods add different methods to improve their style of massage therapy.If you are planning a therapeutic massage in your regular medical care, you can discover one of the most commonly used types of massage therapy on most massage spas: 1. reflexology - this is one of the oldest types of therapeutic massage in the ancient Egypt 2330 BC there is. It focuses only on the hands and feet of the patient instead of working on the body. And, as a result, the patient did not need to undress during the massage session. The reflex zones on the hands and feet are connected on the parts of the corresponding body which are essential to maintain and improve the quality of the health of the patient. Modern reflexology offers a relaxing and revitalizing experience for the patient which is why it is a popular service offered on many massage spas and services at home throughout the world.2. Swedish massage - a massage popular Western-style which uses light strokes and gentle on the body of the patient. It is a good choice if the patient is after a therapeutic massage relaxing and comfortable where he or she can sleep for the duration of the massage session. There are different types of massage features used on this type of you, kneading, percussion and other massage strokes. The patient will have to undress during the massage session, as well as the clothes will not obstruct the massage therapist as he or she is working in depth on the body of the patient. This type of massage therapy is appropriate for those who are in quest for soft and relaxing strokes.3. Aromatherapy massage - this type is a mixture of two methods of medical care mixed in the same goal of healing and moderation in the body of the patient. Although these two may be made separately, do both at the time believed to be more effective in their aim. Five essential oils will be chosen by the patient for massage therapy. These essential oils have different beneficial properties as energizing, relaxing, soothing and many others. Swedish massage is then used as essential oils are used on the patient's body. Aromatherapy massage is usually used to relieve stress and relax the body and the emotions of the patient.4. Shiatsu - is a Japanese style of massage therapy that uses basic meridians points where they focus on handling and improving the health of the patient. Shiatsu practitioners believe that IQ, or also known as the energy should circulate freely on the body to have a good health. Unlike the other types of massage therapy, this is done on a carpet of massage on the floor. Shiatsu has greatly improves and increases the circulation within the organization.