17 April 2011

What Does Reflexology Mean?

Reflexology is a method of therapy of massage that promotes healing and beneficial changes in the body of a patient by applying pressure on (s) targeted reflexes with the use of techniques of thumb, finger and hand. This method of working on the reflexes of the hands and feet is able to improve health, relaxation of the body and bodily pain.The history of reflexology dates back several centuries in the ancient Egypt. Evidence regarding the use of this type of alternative medicine during this period were made obvious by the murals on the headstones of physicians. These murals illustrate therapy in treating patients with their hands and feet. There is also evidence of the use of reflexology on other countries such as the Japan, the Russia, the ancient Greece, China and the India. However, reflexology was not that popular until modern reflexology methods were developed and added in the regular wellness care to the public.Reflexology addresses reflexes everywhere points in hands and feet of the patient. It is believed that these reflex areas play an important role in the pathways of energy connecting on the whole body of a patient to unblocking. Blocked energy pathways can subsequently lead to unbalanced in the human body energy therefore weaken the immune system and making it subject to different type of disease and the body of pain. Healing and maintaining health of the patient by targeting these reflex areas is performed using different finger, thumb and hand applied with pressure different techniques depending on the need and the preference of the patient. To stimulate and to put pressure on these areas of the hands and feet is also a good traffic and the promotion of the muscular and bodily functions.Reflex points located in the charts of reflexology mirrors of the body as a whole representation divided into two parts half based on the hands and feet of the massage therapist manipulates. When the therapist is massaging the foot and right hand, the right half area of the body will receive the treatment that when foot and left hand is worked on by the therapist, half left and then gets the benefits.Several studies and investigations prove the effectiveness and the benefits derived from regular reflexology. Most of these cases involved patients with different types of disorders. These benefits are both useful to the physical and mental health of patients. After regular reflexology sessions, patients will suffer a significant improvement in their physical health as the release of muscle tension which creates the relaxation of the whole body, reduces pain on targeted areas, increases immunity, and helps the body to quickly recover from an injury or trauma. Reflexology is also helping the patient recover emotionally by stimulating the nervous system that helps by improving and the manipulation of the mental health of the patient.However, like any type of massage therapy, a medical advice and guidance about reflexology should be invited first before taking the action with a reflexology session.