01 September 2011

Essential supplies of Koi pond

As a new owner of the Koi pond, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of supplies required to properly maintain your Koi pond. While the importance of the majority of these elements may be refused, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount required must be ignored. Knowing everything simply the function of each element can help you understand why they are needed.

There are some elements you need to have on hand at all times. Because you pond is outside, emergency situations occur. Nature is sometimes simply unpredictable, and you do not want to be caught in a situation where an element is necessary, but it is not possible to obtain it.

Filters - having a working filter is essential for the removal of unwanted pollutants and maintaining the quality of clean water. If you do not have an appropriate filter, water quality problems can occur, which in turn results in your fish to have health problems.

A pump - pump is essential to the health of your pond. If you water is not mobile, there is no way the system can treat the water. Movement of water can also be of cascades, fountains, and other characteristics of the water, but in no way completely replace your pump.

Dechlorinator tap water - contains chemicals potentially can affect your fish. Adding new water for some reason, you must add Dechlorinator to eliminate these chemicals.

Test Kits - you must have the ammonia and nitrite on part test kits at any time. You will need to perform tests of weekly water on your water to ensure the quality of clean water. Tests of emergency can also necessary where you see divergences in your Koi behavior or in water.

Salt Pond and pond of soda - salt and baking soda are used to regulate kH and Nitrate levels in the event where you will find a difference. Attention close to the amounts that you are suppose to add to your pond, which depends on the size and the problems that you currently experience.

Bags - you must have appropriate transportation Koi bags. Do not try to carry your Koi in the garbage or regular plastic bags, as they are not designed for this and can cause damage to your Koi. Unless remember you to keep the bags you have made your home to koi initially, you need to stay at your local pet store. Make sure you get enough significant bags to hold your Koi.

Rubber bands - you need a few rubber bands for each bag you buy. Make sure that your rubber bands are good quality, that you do not want the pressure of the water to the pop music of the elastic in transport.

NET - you will need to have a large enough to compete with your Koi NET. You will never need the net to take the Koi out of the water, but you will need to carry out and directly your Koi in the place you want. Nets can potentially damage your Koi, especially as the largest they get.

Paint paint bucket - A bucket is a better option for the capture of your Koi as they can affect your Koi as a net. Make sure that your network is large enough to contain your Koi.

Koi Koi Staple Food - like any other animal of company must be fed daily. Talk with your local store of the animal of company or dealer Koi in the collection of your Koi Food, such as different seasons can dictate the type of food, you need to feed. Koi have even been known to eat hand of their owner, make sure therefore to obtain food which you are able to do it with.

Koi trafficking and snacks - like other animals, Koi delight of treats and respond in a playful way to them. Specific Koi treats are available in your local store for pets. If you do not "feed" your pet feeding mind, you can even consider to eat your vegetables, fruits and bread Koi.