01 September 2011

Selection of plants for your Koi water garden

If you finally finished your water garden construction. You have finally come to the fun is part of the creation of your water garden: pick the flowers and plants that will make the water in your garden a magnificent oasis.

Not only you should consider beauty when you are picking your plants, but you should also remember that plants provide an another, more significant value to your gardening, biological life. Biological life helps to maintain your pool by making what they would in nature.

Be sure to pay attention to your climate and the region. Some plants can simply not survive under certain conditions, it is wise to do your research before hand. Speak with your local dealer you will give an idea of what plants you can and can't have in your pond.

Lotus plants

No doubt, since your pond contains Koi, tropical fish, you can keep with the theme and place the Lotus plants in your pond. Almost all with a tropical garden of water will want a Lotus plant, because the beauty is simply unmatched by other flowers.

Lotus plants provide beautiful flowers and a smell that is unparalleled. However, unless you live in a region which is experiencing higher temperatures then 65 degree Fahrenheit, you have a place to house your Lotus plants during the colder months. An installation of greenhouse specifically for water plants will work the best.

Lotus plants require land and a large amount of sunlight. They should be planted in the water approximately 2 to 3 feet deep in the warmer months and the Interior during the colder months.

Water hyacinth

If you have simply not the time to plant and maintain your water garden foliage or you're a little lazy when it comes to gardening, you should consider the addition of water hyacinth. Water hyacinth have become very popular recently because of their simplicity. They don't require any type of soil or planting, you simply throw in the water. Only the minimum time is necessary for their bottom so that they do not float around in the pond freely.

Water hyacinth are not only beautiful, but are also highly functional as well. These plants to help in the fight against algae and weed cover.

One of the disadvantages when having water hyacinth is the fact that they will take over your pond and yard if you let them. Water hyacinth are very invasive and will extend if allowed. In extreme cases, it can even jump the fence and to support the neighbouring yard as well. Once they have caused this kind of infestation, it is notoriously difficult to get rid of them.

Hidden plant but functional

Alternatively, you can consider to invest in plants that are not necessary given. These plants live below the threshold of the water and provide many functions required for your pond. Some help you battle of the algae, deliver oxygen in the water or feed your fish for you.

You can find these plants in bundles to your local pet store or dealer of Koi. The majority of plants underwater will not require additional support during the winter, a time that you place them in water, you may not so think twice about their new. However, the benefits that you get to have these types of plants consist of the fact that you are not able to actually see.