01 September 2011

Hand feed your Koi

One of the best features of Koi is their lack of concern for humans. Once the Koi understand that you are not going to harm them, and that you are one who provides them food, they will probably eat right your hand with the right training. Hand feeding can be one of the funniest and fun-filled experiences.

Koi are no-aggressive fish. Koi have no teeth, so you will not get bit if you decide to try to feed your Koi in your hand. This allows even to involve small children. Small children will be filled by the beautiful colours and the gentle nature of the Koi.

Koi, like any other wild animal, naturally be afraid of you at the beginning. Instincts tell them for fear you, which is what keeps them in the wild. You need to build trust with your Koi, and it takes time and patience. You will not be able to hand feed throughout the night.

Koi are omnivorous fish, which means that they will eat meat and plants. This means that their diet is very versatile. Koi eat everything that you put in the pond with them, no matter if it's good for them or not. Since Koi do not have a sense of what is bad and good for them, as their owner you need to control their diet of snack. Another potential problem is on food treats. Yet once, Koi do not have the knowledge to know when to stop eating and weight issues can come from overfeeding no nutritional food. Healthy treats for Koi are what they are naturally in ponds, such as earthworms and tadpoles, but it will not affect feed the Koi treats such as lettuce, bread, fruits and vegetables. You must pay particular attention to certain foods, such as corn, beans and grapes, because they contain an outer envelope, which cannot be digested properly if swallowed by Koi. If you must feed this type of your Koi Food, be sure to completely remove the outer envelopes before giving to your Koi.

The trick is to start slowly. Never make any sudden movements, as it will be scare even the most confidence of fish. It will be best to begin the training your fish from the moment where you get them, but it is not impossible form a fish that you had at one time or another. First place a few pellets or snacks in your hand and overwhelm your hand under the water. Slowly allow the food in the fall of your hand in the water. The Koi does not appear to be paid by the attention, but rest assured that they are aware of your hand and that they are aware that hand provides you the food. To do this a few days.

After you have dropped food in the pond for a few days and you have earned the interest of your Koi, first making the fish to remove food from your hand. If the Koi refuses to take food from your hand, do feed not them that day here. You will not stare your fish in this process. They will quickly receive the idea that if they want to eat, they obtain food from you. To this daily work will get their comfortable with you.

You have once fish eat from your hand, you can begin to obtain your Koi eat food directly from your fingers. If the Koi will not take food from your fingers, not feed not them that day here. Food is your number one motivator when it comes to wild animals, and no fish will simply stare himself because he is uncertain of the situation.

Once your fish are comfortable with the power of the hand, you can switch between main are a regular diet. If you are in a hurry, there is no reason to attempt to take the time to food by hand. In addition, once you get your Koi taken food from your hand, be careful when they enable visitors to feed your fish. Always supervise children and adults, in ensuring that they are fed food appropriate fish, and not by sudden movements that will be scaring the fish.