01 September 2011

Keep your own Koi pond

Keep you Koi pond own must be one of your number one priorities. A clean pond could make the difference between you Koi living a free life of beautiful and potentially suffering constraint until eventually, they die. The water in which your direct Koi is not only where they eat, sleep and food for animals, but it is also where they use bathroom as well. If properly clean you your pond, it is almost as if your Koi living in the bathroom toilet.

The water of your pond should almost be completely clear. Your pond should contain any floating or suspended debris and the Koi should appear to be floating in the air. If you are unable to see the bottom of your pond, chances are that your pond is not enough clean.

We know that you very proud of your pond, especially when you were building the beautiful landscape around it and pick flowers which bloom in the beautiful colors and beautiful smell that are unmatched. However, any beautiful landscape around the pond, a pond is not successful unless you can support beautiful fish in the water. While ponds are designed to look like the nature, you have to remember that your Koi pond is a reservoir in fact really big fish in the open air, and must be dealt with as such.

Unlike natural water systems, aquariums need a large amount of care. Filtration systems are required to maintain the quality of water and a pump system is necessary to keep the water moving.

In nature, Koi is not nearly the amount of food they make in controlled ponds. Are almost unheard of for the owners of the pond to feed many books of food for their Koi per week. This produced a large quantity of waste, if it comes from the process of digestion of part of the Koi, or the amount of non-consumed food which has settled down and spoiled. It is important to low vacuum outside as much as possible and make sure that all types of drainage systems are clear and functioning.

Another problem is the fact that your pond is in effect, outside. Being outside, your fish from the tank of the problems of faces as an aquarium normal Interior would never treat. Debris can easily find its place in your pond. It is important to skim your pond as much as possible.

No matter if your blame the Koi, yourself or the nature of the pond is does not own, it is important for you to clean it up. The health of your Koi is at stake, if you do not. Even if the quality of your water is clear, a large amount of debris can cause your Koi stress. Stressed fish are more susceptible to disease and viruses.

Prevent problems of cleanliness

Above clean your pond on a regular basis, adding preventive measures can also increase the cleanliness of your pond.

Keep your pond moving is a way to help keep your quality of water Moving adds more oxygen to your water, as well as keep potentially collecting floating debris in your pond. Moving water can be accomplished several ways such as Cascades, fountains and filtration pump systems are designed to move the water.

Otherwise, you can avoid the problems of cleanliness is keeping your quantity of fish downwards. Start by buying small amounts of fish as the spawning will cause you to have babies in the near future. The least fish, the less waste is involved.