01 September 2011

Prevention of overcrowding

Koi overcrowding is one of the most difficult problems to deal with when it comes to Koi ponds. Once you have many species of fish in your pond, serious problems may occur and potentially cause death among your fish.

There are a few ways to help prevent overcrowding. While you are never guaranteed that it happen never to you, after a few simple steps greatly reduces you chances.

Step overstocking

A common new Koi pond owners problem encountered is low. When you first purchase your Koi, it can descend to decide between a number of Koi who is equally beautiful and playful in the spirit of saving your lower pond.

Talk with your professional dealer Koi or Pet Store details of your pond. You should tell their information on what type of filtration systems you have, what's the total size of your pond, and you plan placing your pond. With this information, a professional will be able to adequately predict the correct amount of Koi, you can have your pond with success. Don't worry if this number seems small, because the professional will be also taken into account the Koi are growing rapidly and get large enough.

Some people run into the problem of power down other Koi. Accepting fish from sources such as other owners of Koi pond, take into account, why are you giving the fish. It is likely that they give out fish because they have issues with both of the population. With regard to the fish does not mean that you cause damage to the fish, it simply means that the owner will have to find another person to catch fish.

Once the overcrowding has occurred

Where overcrowding has occurred in your pond, there are several ways to eliminate babies of your pond.

One way is to stop feeding your Koi per minute, that realize you that spawning has occurred. You must stop to feed your Koi no less then three weeks. Don't worry about your hunger of Koi, as they focus more on natural foods if you are not feeding their daily lives. This "natural" system includes their young. Koi are not cannibalistic animals by any means, but they will eat their young when they are still eggs or if they are small and resemble insects. Once the baby Koi are actually real fish, and adults recognize this, they are no longer will see their as food, it is therefore important to start this process as soon as you notice spawning or babies.

It is a process of nature, you will always find this method to be cruel and unusual. Another way to eliminate unwanted babies of your pond is to give them.

First, check with your local pet store. Many pet stores have programs in which they will accept unwanted animals and give them good homes. Some may even pay a certain amount for each fish as they sell, but not step count of this. Local Zoos can also have programs.

If you know a local company of Koi, you can tell them that you have an unwanted babies. Alternatively, you can find a bulletin board or group online and post messages. Who knows, you could even start to another person on a the Koi keeping hobby.