15 January 2012

Advantages of Top Down Knitting

When you knit a garment, there are two approaches you can take. You can either knit from the bottom up or top down. What we consider in this paper is what is the difference between these two techniques are and how best to use. The best way to answer this question is to examine both techniques look at the advantages and disadvantages and it will be easier to make a decision.

The first major advantage that we can do with top-down knitting is the flexibility it allows the knitter. As you start with the neck and usually entire garment knitted in one it allows you to try it and see how it fits. An experienced knitter can make adjustments as they go for a garment that fits really well. It is ideal for making clothes fitted that are perfect for your body.

Another major advantage is the seams. When you knit the bottom up, it is generally done in pieces that are sewn together, but from top to bottom is knit in one piece. This means that you will not have side seams giving you a perfect finish flat to any garment. Again this is great if you make a garment with the seams and could get in the way.

When you finish your garment, there is generally less finishing to do in terms of stitches to lick and sewing. These are the bits that are usually disliked by knitters like you and do not have seams and neckline will at the same time as the body, this means once the knitting is done your clothing will only need a few keys just for completeness.

When knitting socks from the top down approach is the most common way of knitting. This is because it is easier, then from the toe, which requires more knowledge and is more complicated in terms of casting on and start.

As you have virtually no seams to sew, it means that much less ends to weave in your knitting. This means you will often find there are fewer bits son left open at the end.

The disadvantages of knit top to bottom are very limited, but if I could mention so I'd say it's the length of the lines. As you knit the whole garment together you will end up with a lot of points and this may mean it takes longer to see progress. This is a great technique for knitting experience, but I would not necessarily recommend it to someone new to knitting. But I'm sure if you try it you'll love the finish it gives you.