15 January 2012

Custom Engraved Dog Tags: laser Engraving Explanation

Two types of custom dog tags are used for different types of businesses and individuals for marketing purposes:? Authentic military dog ​​tags and military tags "style" dog. Marriage and party favors exhibitions and conferences personalized dog tags that are popular. Authentic military dog ​​tags? Are raised, a process involving letters, numbers and special characters are printed in raised metallic looks. These labels are made of stainless steel and the edges are rolled. Embossed stainless steel dog tags were used in the U.S. armed forces since the Second World War. Dog tags military style are made of anodized aluminum and the lack of hilly terrain. These personalized dog tags using a method of laser engraving is reproduced in the text and logos on one side or both sides. As genuine military dog? Tags are usually made of brass or silver engraved military dog ​​tags style is available in a variety of aluminum colors (ie black, blue, red, green, purple, gold, etc.) .. Both dog tags Custom Styles can be equipped with a silent dog rubber and neck chains, or parts of rings for keys. Other less common methods to customize the labels of dog will help printing and color printing. Both these methods can play in one or more colors, designs, because the laser-engraved designs will appear in a bright white. This article is related to the laser engraving process to produce customized engraved Dog Tags.

The laser light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The application process Application of anodized aluminum and other materials produced by a permanent sign, do not rub or scratch. Laser engraving is superior to conventional screen printing process of marking and printing help, that weaken over time. Laser Engraved Dog Tags Will Save Your name, logo or message visible all the time ... an obvious advantage in advertising the product.

Laser engraved dog tags personalized eliminate production anodized aluminum coating raw Reveal deep. Anodizing is a process used to produce a durable coating on the metal, which can also be a certain color. In addition to the metal, it helps protect the surface of a ook Weathered and striped coloring.

So, as the laser to work magic to produce customized engraved Dog Tags? There are two types of laser engraving systems ADAPT dog tags: System of CO2 and Nd: YAG systems. Burn the two systems of high-intensity beam of light through the lens. This is a powerful focused beam of light has enough energy to vaporize the surface of anodized aluminum to deepen, we see a sign material. CO2 control system similar to the formation of conventional dot matrix printer, Nd scan from left to right image, as it moves "in the video, and pulsating light which vaporizes the material:. YAG laser system reaches the surface of the image through the power of the lens light, mirrors, controls the computer.

When it comes to Dog Tags engraved on both systems are not created equal. Much slower CO2 production system different quality, the color combination of products (anodized coating) are indicated. Quality is defined by the brightness of the brand. The Brighter the better. High quality laser engraved mark appears bright white, no matter what the color of the material. With the CO2 system, some hardware shadow of the characters chosen for the picture seems less desirable. YAG laser systems. In addition to producing the desired margin Bright White Screams as quality, Nd: YAG laser is much faster than CO 2 lasers to reduce implementation costs and savings. Laser Engraved Dog Tags, personal names, logos and messages, promotional products, to be sure that a good first impression and lasting impact on the recipient.