15 January 2012

Effective Portable Strobe Dash Lights

Micro array of LEDs are very popular these days compared to other options for emergency vehicle lighting. These are not only expensive but also very powerful and can be very useful when there are budget constraints. The lighting equipment panel can easily be mounted near the dashboard, near the intersection angles or corners in the rear axle patrol cars. Their small size makes them extremely useful as they can be virtually undetectable when the lights are on. They are used in unmarked vehicles as a secondary line of the warning.

The lights of the table are designed to meet the requirements with maximum performance. Most high-quality array of LEDs include anywhere from 12 to 24 LEDs. However, they are generally separated into two and sometimes three linear segments. Pairs of colors such as red and blue or amber and blue are used. There are also segments split, with two different color options such as offering some excellent flashes flashing sequential and alternate flashing, which can easily be identified from a distance. The lighting equipment panel draws a very low current of less than 2 amps in most cases and can be powered by 12V DC normal. Weighing less than 2 - 4 pounds, they can be easily transported and assembled around where and when necessary.

The lights in the table are so light they can be installed using simple bolts slip. In some cases, there is no need to drill holes in the vehicle or as they can be mounted with velcro straps or discs or with suction cups. Occasionally, L-shaped brackets or bail mounting brackets are also provided in the kit. A flashback shield is primarily intended to ensure that there is minimal glare affecting those inside the vehicle. This is usually made of polycarbonate and is lightweight but very sturdy.

dashboard lights are rarely more than 6 inches in length. They are thin and less than 2 inches thick, which allows you to easily place them in a corner. A single cigarette lighter socket using the power to the lighting equipment panel. They are designed for internal use in most cases, but the most expensive varieties are waterproof and provide more flexibility about where you can get. Some companies manufacture lighting equipment panel for special vehicles for law enforcement, customizing lighting and mounting options.

A very impressive array of LEDs is their design that is built to withstand damage that could be caused by heavy use or excessive vibration, both of which are possible when used in emergency situations. Some lighting control panel comes with over a dozen channels and special flashing mode selection intensity. You can flash a signal of high intensity warning lights or use the cruise mode as well. They come with 30 inch power cables and sometimes also braid connectors for ease of installation. They are designed to the specifications of SAE. This makes them reliable in tough conditions. The lighting equipment control panel also comes with a hassle-free warranty for your peace of mind.