15 January 2012

Simple Ways to Make Women Face White and Beautiful

1. Before going to sleep, cut the cucumber into thin slices and put them on your face for a few seconds. A month later, your face will be white and tender.
2. Before going to bed, soak the cheapest makeup sponge completely up water, then apply on face for 20 minutes. To do this, three times a week and your skin will be bright and refreshing!
3. Drink 2 glasses of water a day after getting up and add a little salt in a glass, so you can clear the stomach.
4. Be sure to rub sunscreen before going out. Remember to take your makeup immediately after his arrival at home.
5. Wash your face with water from the hot water first, then cold, then the skin will become clean and the pores.
6. Be sure to drink plenty of water and do not stay up late, eat less fried things, to keep the skin clean.
7. After washing the face every night, put the Yakult makeup sponge and apply it directly on the cheeks, and even on the forehead and chin. It can not only remove stains on the face, but also to whiten the skin.
8. Drink less water in the evening, but a lot of water during the day. Apply the mask bright before going to bed, eat more fruit, not drinking, not smoking and not to stay up all night to ensure the shiny skin.
9. First, apply a cold tea bag on the eyes for five minutes and then perform an action similar to yoga. This action is to cross your legs first, then raise their hands high to the far side of the front, hold this position for about ten minutes. This action is not easy to care for ten minutes at the beginning and it takes some practice time, but the effect is really good.
10. Water commercially available (for a 600cc bottle) is very cheap. As long as you wash your face with this water for 3 to 4 times a week and often hollow water with makeup sponge to apply on your face, your face is naturally beautiful.
11. Hot springs can only make the skin smooth and pink, but also reduces fatigue. For people with skin allergies, hot springs can also improve the situation to some extent.